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Delusion ~ Review

By Laura L. Sullivan

World War II is about to change the world as 17 year old twins Phil and Fee Albion know it.  The House of Albion has been in their family for generations.  It is opening night at the Hall of Delusions when the blitzkrieg ends their act just as it is beginning.  

Phil and Fee are sent to Weasel Rue in Sussex to the town of Bittersweet as their parents and brother Geoff join the war effort against the Germans.  But Bittersweet is a town that has been forgotten where the war is concerned - no rationing, no blackout curtains, no Home Guard.  Phil is determined to rally Bittersweet for the cause, but no one is willing to listen.
But one day Phil comes across a group of young men who live hidden away from Bittersweet.  But this wonderland is populated by something more than she expected - magicians.  But these magicians think that she is unable to see them or breach their boarders.  When Phil crosses over onto the grounds of the College of Drycraeft she is captured and imprisoned in the armory along with the young magician who tried to kill her.

For reasons the Magicians can't understand Phil cannot be touched by the Essence or tricked by its illusions. As punishment for his attempt to kill her Phil is given authority over Arden's life as his crime was against her and her alone.  Phil reserves the right to claim his life at some future date.  

Phil returns to Drycraeft with Fee in an attempt to rally the magicians against the German threat.  But the magicians have no interest in fighting until a German magician from Dresden comes and threatens their existence.  The the magicians of Drycraeft prove to be ineffective against the Dresden magician to the point that Arden is being drained of Essence and only Phil's boxing skills are able to save him from death.  Afterwards some of the magicians agree to allow Phil to train them to fight.  But Phil has been targeted by the magicians of Dresden as a threat and someone is coming for her...

Will Phil lose her heart to her war efforts?  Or will she be betrayed in the end by those in whom she has put her trust?  Read Delusion and find out for yourself, no secrets will be divulged here!

Delusion is a story of World War II unlike any you've ever read before.  I found it enjoyable and am hoping there will be a second book.  I enjoyed Laura's previous books Under the Green Hill and Guardian of the Green Hill and was not disappointed with Delusion.  Delusion is written for the older YA audience and not  the middle grade audience as the Green Hill books are.

I received a digital loan of this title from the publisher for the purpose of reviewing this title and no expectations were placed on this review.