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The Runner ~ Review

The Runner
Michael Knight Series Book 1
By A. Wayne Gill

Michael Knight knows what he wants from life and it isn't the vision his father and older brother see for him.  Michael sees himself as a warrior of the people - as a lawyer.  But Michael's friends and family - the entire town of Ozark Falls is convinced that Michael will follow in the footsteps of his father Jeremiah and his brother David and become a preacher.

Getting into New York University Law School is the easy part of fulfilling his dream.  As Michael works through his first year of studies with the promise of a coveted summer internship his dreams seem to be coming true.  The old axiom if it seems to good to be true, it probably is is about to show fruition in not only Michael's life but in that of his sister's boyfriend Ramon Sanchez.

As Michael excels in his classes, Ramon has finally found a job where he is on the fast track to success.  All too soon Michael and Ramon are caught up in something more than they bargained for.  But will the fast track lead Michael away from more than the small town where he grew up?  The draw of money and power is powerful, is it stronger than God's call?

I was provided a copy of this title for the purpose of this review.

Combining the drama and relationship insight of a Nicholas Sparks with the legal insight and intrigue of a John Grisham, award-winning attorney Wayne Gill debuts on the fiction scene with THE RUNNER.
Gill’s main character Michael Knight foregoes the given path for his life – filling his preacher dad’s shoes – to pursue a career in the legal field. But the bright lights and fast pace of New York City quickly have their way with Michael and soon he’s caught up in a drama much larger than he could have foreseen. Where is God in the midst of his choices and situation? Can Michael chase his dreams and fulfill the destiny God has for him? And – dare he ask – will people have to die because of it?
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