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Rosemary Opens Her Heart ~ Review

Rosemary Opens Her Heart
Home at Cedar Creek Book 2
By Naomi King

Rosemary Yutzy is still grieving over her husband Joe.  But when she attends a wedding in Cedar Creek change that she never expected is about to come yet again into her life in the form of Matt Lambright.  For Matt, Rosemary is everything he has ever wanted in a wife but can he convince her.

Meanwhile Abby Lambright may be about to have her lifelong dream finally come true when James Graber starts paying attention to her.  James realizes that Abby and not her younger sister Zanna is the true match for his soul.

When Rosemary's father-in-law decides to merge his sheep breeding operation with Matt Lambright's, Rosemary is left with a choice.  Should she move with her father-in-law and young sister-in-law to Cedar Creek or should she stay in Queen City to be near her mother and sister.  Can Matt help her determine the course her heart should chart or will his attentions drive her away from the new life she could have?

As Rosemary, Matt, Abby, and James navigate the paths of the heart, the community of Cedar Creek must deal with a death that will change the entire dynamics of the community.

As Rosemary learns to open her heart to all God has for her, she rediscovers the peace and joy that life has to offer.

Rosemary Opens Her Heart is set in Missouri and explores the Amish community that lives there.

Charlotte-HubbardABOUT NAOMI KING

I’ve called Missouri home for most of my life, and most folks don’t realize that several Old Older Amish and Mennonite communities make their home here, as well. The rolling pastureland, woods, and small towns along county highways make a wonderful setting for Plain populations—and for stories about them, too! While Jamesport, Missouri is the largest Old Order Amish settlement west of the Mississippi River, other communities have also found the affordable farm land ideal for raising crops, livestock, and running the small family-owned businesses that support their families.
Like my heroine, Miriam Lantz, of my new Seasons of the Heart series, I love to feed people—to share my hearth and home. I bake bread and goodies and I love to try new recipes. I put up jars and jars of green beans, tomatoes, beets and other veggies every summer. All my adult life, I’ve been a deacon, a dedicated church musician and choir member, and we hosted a potluck group in our home for more than twenty years.
Like Abby Lambright, heroine of my new Home at Cedar Creek series, I consider it a personal mission to be a listener and a peacemaker—to heal broken hearts and wounded souls. Faith and family, farming and frugality matter to me: like Abby, I sew and enjoy fabric arts—I made my wedding dress and the one Mom wore, too, when I married into an Iowa farm family more than thirty-five years ago! When I’m not writing, I crochet and sew, and I love to travel.
I recently moved to Minnesota when my husband got a wonderful new job, so now he and I and our border collie, Ramona, are exploring our new state and making new friends.
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Another spring reminds the Amish of Cedar Creek, Missouri, that for everything there is a season.
Zanna Lambright is finally marrying Jonny Ropp, and friends and family have come from far and wide to celebrate. Among them is young widow Rosemary Yutzy, mother of toddler Katie, whose husband was tragically killed last fall. With a willing heart Rosemary has taken over care of her in-law’s family and continued to run a baked goods business from home, but privately she still mourns her lost Joe…and is unprepared for the changes that are coming…
Rosemary’s father-in-law wants to merge his lamb-raising business with Matt Lambright’s—a move that will require the Yutzys to relocate from their nearby town to Cedar Creek. Moreoever, it will bring Rosemary into constant contact with Matt, who is making no secret of his romantic interest in her. The challenges of contemplating a future unlike any she expected are overwhelming for Rosemary. And although Matt is strong and kind, his courtship is so persistent, she often wants to run the other way. As Rosemary struggles to see beyond her immediate joys and sorrows, will she embrace the outpouring of welcome and support from the people of Cedar Creek…and accept this new chance to open her heart to a more abundant life?