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Library Edition of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas 
(Library Edition 2012)

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the Library not a romance, a murder nor chaotic mayhem crept across the shelves. Not a page was flipping.  Nor was a mouse surfing the web.  The doors were locked up tight and the computers were all powered down, as if in bed.  Down the street a solitary car drove by, the driver intent on getting into a nice warm bed and catching some sleep, when a sudden flash filled the Library’s windows with a faint luminous light.

“What could it be?” would have been the common refrain, but alas the Library was empty with no one to ask or to care.  But empty it wasn’t, for at the online catalog was that right jolly old elf.  His snowy hair hidden beneath a trimmed, draping old hat, but his beard was snowy and reached down to his belly.  His face was cheery with a wide, pleasant grin.  His coat was thick and velvety, a rich cranberry red.  He scanned the computer looking for just the right book; after all he had a long night still ahead and as yet nothing to read.

But what book was right for a night like this?  After all Christmas Eve comes but once a year, and his choice must satisfy him for the coming year.

Did he want something funny?

Or something sad?

A sweet little romance?

The latest reading fad?

What could be had?

With a sudden sparkle that lit-up his eyes, inspiration struck as if he was struck by an arrow.  With a flash of his hand that was too quick to be seen, he pulled out his e-reader and downloaded some ebooks that were sure to please.

Now what did Santa borrow you may be asking yourself?  The reindeer told me, if you want to know….

First Santa chose Dying to Read to satisfy his craving for murder, humor and romance in a single read.

Second on his list was Candlewax because Fairrier Cats and the power they have over the destructive Trodliks yet remained a puzzle to him.

Last on his list was How To Build A Time Machine: The Real Science Of Time Travel because 72 hours on Christmas Eve would be better than just 24 next year.

But this was a secret I wasn’t to share, so please don’t tell anyone what Santa’s reading this year!

Shhhh, till next year!

Clipart came from Dover Publications

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