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Bold as Love ~ Review

by Bob Roberts, JR.

Are you willing to change the world starting in your neighborhood?  We can change the world not by standing on a corner telling others that they need to do it our way, but rather by stepping out boldly and serving them.  That's right only when we serve others can we show the love that Jesus lived.  He took on the role of a servant out of love and changed the lives of those He served.  He reached out to those that were considered beneath Him or unclean to His faith.

We are living in a world in the midst of change, where everyone and anyone can affect the entire world.  And the influx of immigrants into America is forcing us to deal with the rest of the world both economically and spiritually.  This is a God-given opportunity for us to be missionaries in our own neighborhood and at the same time have a global reach.

We must not view other people groups negatively!  When we do this stereotype and condescend when we communicate with others.  We must live out Colossians 4:3-6 and understand others by listening to their concerns and care about them as a person.

The Bible is a book about global migration and the mingling and mixing of different faiths.  Migration is how God spread His Word throughout the ancient world.  When we love God and follow Jesus' teachings we will love others even when our mind says it is impossible.  Through God the people we most fear can become the people we most love.  Jesus told us to "love our enemies" so in Jesus' eyes we have no enemies because if you love someone they are no longer your enemy.

Fear holds us prisoner, but bold love sets us free.  When we seek out friendships with those of other faiths we are opening ourselves to challenges to our beliefs, but these challenges strengthen our faith.  We need to know why we believe what we believe.  We need to show respect to others and to their beliefs.  America was founded on religious freedom.  We cannot deny this founding precept to some, isolating them because they believe differently.  We need to be like Paul and reach out with respect and build relationships.

We must be the Church in every aspect of our day-to-day life.  Are you a living Church, ministering to the needs of others of all faiths?  To be a force of change we need to first serve with our hands, then we must offer our hearts in friendship, and finally we offer thoughts that will spark deep, genuine conversation.  Service must come before everything.

Love is a choice, not an emotion.  When we serve in Jesus' name and for love of Him we will come to genuinely love those we serve.  This service is a true expression of the Gospel, Serve not to convert, but serve because you've been converted.  We need to remember we can't save, only God can do this.

Wherever we are Jesus is too because He is within us.  When we learn to see through His eyes, we will have Bold Love and break through our fears!

Will you Break on Through and turn the world upside down with Bold Love?

I received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review.

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