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Soul's Gate ~ Review

Soul's Gate
A Well Spring Novel #1
By James L. Rubart

What if you take the battle for a person's soul to a new level, to go within the soul itself?  Would you dare?  Reese has done this in the past and is about to train four warriors to do the same - warriors that were prophesied about before tragedy threatened to destroy him nearly 30 years ago.

If Reese can overcome the guilt and regret of the past he will train these spiritual warriors.  But before the training can begin they must overcome the barriers and distractions that the Enemy has erected in their path.  Can these four damaged people become who they were meant to become?  Can they overcome the pain and guilt of their pasts or will they allow the Enemy to stop them before they even begin?

Before they can enter into another person's soul though they must fully embrace everything in the Bible including the passages that seem impossible.  Passages like Acts chapter 8 verse 40, where Philip is immediately transported following the baptism of the Ethiopian eunuch to Azotus a distance of 44 miles!

Reese teaches his warriors-in-training that God is not limited by our dimensional existence that He is beyond all dimensions and can enter whichever one He so desires whether spiritual or physical.  (This section actually brought to mind Edwin A Abbott's Flatland)

But this time of training is also a time of healing as they confront the various lies that have shaped their lives, molding them into who they have become.  Together they are a force of strength for the Lord, but can they stand firm in coming battle that could destroy them all?

Soul's Gate is a battle for the soul, will you believe the impossible?

The publisher has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book through BookSneeze. 

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