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The Dark Unwinding ~ Review

The Dark Unwinding
by Sharon Cameron

When Aunt Alice has a dirty task that needs doing she forces the task onto Katharine.  When Aunt Alice demands Katharine go to the family estate at Stranwyne and ordered to have her Uncle Tullman declared insane Katharine has little choice but to go.  Living in 1852 London and orphaned Katharine's future depends on her aunt's whims.

But Stranwyne is unlike anything Katharine has ever experienced in her seventeen years.  The main house is in a state of disuse and empty except for a couple of servants.  The estate is home to two villages that house nearly 900 people, a gaswork, a workshop, a foundry, and pottery kilns.

Uncle Tully is indeed odd by the standards of proper society.  He lives in his workshop where he creates toys.  But Uncle Tully's toys are the work of a genius - machines that baffle and boggle the mind.  Uncle Tully is awkward in any situation that deals with people but his mind has an amazing grasp of anything numerical.

After a request of 30 day delay from her uncle's apprentice Lane Moreau, Katharine determines to live as much as possible in this short time.  As Katharine gets to know her uncle she soon discovers that they share a similar fascination with numbers.

But evil lurks in Stranwyne and it is intent on destroying Katharine's sanity.  As the days of Katharine's freedom wind down she begins losing her grip on reality and the villagers believe she suffers from drunkenness.

Can Katharine save the uncle she has come to love and the people the estate shelters?  Can Katharine save herself or will the evil that is taking her mind destroy her as well as everything that she has come to care for?

The Unwinding Darkness is a delightfully gripping story, filled with unexpected twists and turns. The Dark Unwinding is one book you will want to read again and again.   I, for one, would love a sequel and find out what comes next!

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