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Everything the Bible Says About Prayer ~ Review

Everything the Bible Says About Prayer
Compiled by Keith Wall
Series Editor Andy McGuire

What is prayer?  Such a simple question can be disconcerting when it is put to you.  This small book will help you to answer this question and others you may have about prayer.

Prayer is in essence talking and listening to God.  In the words of Phillips Brooks prayer is "a wish turned Godward."

We are to come before God with the boldness of a child and tell God the desire of our heart.  We are to be like those who sought healing from Jesus - we need to know what we want and tell Him, making sure we are heard.  But prayer is more than just boldness we must also have humility in our requests.

Prayer can't be an occasional act but rather a daily part of our life.  Prayer is not merely a way to pass the time of day, but a time of private communion and fellowship with God.  When we pray we are to pray for a return to righteousness and salvation for all, including our enemies.

Also included in Everything the Bible Says About Prayer are examples of prayers found throughout the Bible.  In the appendix is a commentary by Classic Christian Writers and their thoughts on prayer.

At just 126 pages Everything the Bible Says About Prayer delivers a lot of information for those seeking knowledge about prayer.  Scripture from 11 different versions of the Bible is cited throughout.

I received a copy of this book from Bethany House for the purpose of this review and all opinions expressed are my own.