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Whispering Cypress ~ Review

Whispering Cypress
by B.J. Robinson

Spring has returned to Whispering Cypress after being away for ten years. An argument with the only man to ever hold her heart drove her away, but Spring is back and determined to restore the old campground.

Hackett has mixed feelings about Spring's return.  He still loves her but he is worried that she will soon be making Whispering Cypress her home with another man holding her heart.

Spring and Hackett are unable to deny that they still feel something for each other.  But if they are to find true love together they have many hurdles to overcome first.  Hurdles that could destroy them if they allow it.  Along the way Spring and Hackett make friends that will impact their lives as much as they impact them.

Whispering Cypress is a lesson in the importance in holding onto those we love while we have them.  Time is short and we have no guarantee of tomorrow.  Don't sacrifice love and family for temporary pleasure or for career.

 I was provided with a digital copy of this title for the purpose of this review by the author.