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Full Disclosure - Book Review

Full Disclosure
by Dee Henderson

Full Disclosure is a book of secrets.

When small town sheriff and Midwest Homicide Investigator Ann Silver finds evidence that's linked to a cold serial killer case it leads her to case agent Paul Falcon's murder investigation.  When Ann turns over all the evidence with no strings attached Paul is intrigued by this down to earth, unassuming officer.

It soon becomes clear that Paul's re-opening of the case has the Lady Shooter, as she is known, worried.  When requests for plea bargaining start coming in in exchange for evidence about who hired her things get interesting at the bureau.

When Paul begins asking around about Ann he soon discovers that they share many of the same friends and Ann is even friends with his sister-in-law.  The more he learns about Ann the more questions he has about this unique woman.  Paul is determined to discover who Ann Silver really is and to win her heart.

Ann has captured Paul's interest and possibly his heart, but will the secrets from her past keep her from giving her heart away?

When a second case from the past seemingly comes out of nowhere, what effect will it have on Paul's serial killer case?  And what about this case has Ann so nervous?  What secrets from the past will be revealed?

Full Disclosure is an intriguing book and there are some interesting references to some of Dee's earlier books.  Full Disclosure grabs your attention until the very end when the full truth finally comes out.

Coming to your favorite book seller on October 2, 2012!  

I was provided with an ARC by Bethany House for the purpose of this review.  
All opinions expressed in this review are my own.