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Bees in the Butterfly Garden ~ Review

Bees in the Butterfly Garden
by Maureen Lang

Meg Davenport has lived most of her life in an exclusive boarding school.  But when word comes that her father - John Davenport has died, Meg realizes that she will never get the opportunity to get to know her father.  But when she goes to her father's funeral she is shocked to learn that her father is not the independently wealthy gentleman she always been lead to believe but instead a successful thief who charmed the wealthy out of their money.

Feeling that she can no longer play the role of proper lady with her newly discovered heritage, Meg determines to follow in her father's footsteps.  But Ian Maguire, raised by John, is determined to keep Meg out of the world her father wanted to protect her from.

Meg offers to help her father's acquaintances acquire information about a wealthy family to whom she has connections.  But her determination endangers her in more ways than she can possibly imagine.  When she manages to get an invitation to visit, she takes up residence under the guise of redesigning the family's garden.  

But Meg's intended target is a family of deep faith and belief.  Will this influence change Meg before it is too late and she has irreparably set her life course?   As Meg and Ian grow closer will they allow greed and excitement to cloudy them to what they both truly desire?  Or will God touch their hearts in time to save them from themselves?  

Bees in the Butterfly Garden is a story of redemption and mercy.   I found this to be a delightful and entertaining story.