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The Lost Curse by T. Lynn Adams

The Lost Curse
by T. Lynn Adams

When a bullet tears through the quiet of the canyon ending the life of a Paiute Indian and his dog actions are set in motion that will have effects that will be seen 10 years later.

Cole Matthews is returning to Utah by plane and he is being tracked by a killer. Ryan Polson is capturing everything that Cole is doing on his phone. Severino is seated next to Cole after leaving Peru 20 hours earlier. Waiting for Severino's arrival are the Bradfords, who played for his trip as a thank-you for saving Jonathon's life twice in the last year.

Ryan and Steven are out in the Utah lava flows looking for a flow that has has been carved into the shape of a Spanish turtle. The turtle is a clue to finding a Spanish mine that is bobby-trapped at both entrances and it points to the Pahvant Mountains.

Jonathon and Severino plan to spend time hiking in the canyons and to visit with Jonathon's grandmother. Jonathon's friend Tallie palns to join them when she is not working.

Cole forces Tate to help him in his search and sends Tate out to photograph Hell Hole Canyon. But Tate is still in the canyon after nightfall when he sees what he believes can only be a spirit of the Paiute Indians. When Tate gets away he finds Tallie that his actions have awakened a Skinwalker and trouble is coming!

Ryan and Steven are camping to protect their find until they can cut it out, when they notice a light that gives off no heat, seems to be floating and appears to be tracking them. Something knows they are there but what it is, they have no clue!

Tallie tells Jonathon and Severino about the Death Light a strange floating light in the desert that has been known by her people the Paiutes before the pioneers settled the area. She said her dad saw just it the week before he disappeared over 10 years ago.

Carre Shinob was an underground temple built by seven Indian tribes and was sought by the Conquistadors. The Indians rebelled and drove them from the land.

When Jonathon sees that Ryan and Steven have Spanish artifacts in the back of a truck, Tallie's safety is threatened by Ryan if Jonathon tells anyone what he saw.

When Jonathon and Severino find an artifact they can't identify, Jonathon sends a picture to his father and Cole gets a copy of the picture. But before they know what is happening Tallie is taken hostage to force the two boys to reveal what they've discovered.

But when they attempt to escape through the mine they become trapped and their lives are endanged by the traps within the mine.

Everything is not as it appears, but who will live and who will die? Read The Lost Curse and discover the truth for yourself!

The Lost Curse is an exciting page turner that takes a look at the Paiute and Incan societies and the damage done to them through the greed and cruelty of conquering groups.

I received a Digital ARC loan from Cedar Fort, Inc for the purpose of this review.