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Veiled Rose

Veiled Rose
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Veiled Rose
Tales of Goldstone Wood 2
By Anne Elisabeth Stengl
This the second book in the series.  Book 1 Heartless had a few scenes with Leonard - Prince Lionheart of the Southlands.  Veiled Rose is Leo's story and it is the story of Red Rose. 
Leo and Red Rose develop a friendship when Leo spends a summer with his cousin in a remote area.  Rosie is a young girl whose true appearance is hidden from view by the layers of veils she forever wears.  Her only companions are her old father, Beana - nanny goat, her imaginary friend who is a songbird, and the one who haunts her dreams and taunts her.  When Leo and Rosie meet their lives are forever altered.
But the town folk who live below the mountain where Rosie lives believe she is the monster of the legends and that she will bring doom upon them all.  When Leo's cousin Foxglove sees Leo with Rosie he declares that Leo has been bewitched by the mountain monster.  But Leo cannot see the monster that everyone declares Rosie to be. 
But as he grows older Leo's mother is determined to see Leo marry whom she desires and the lady of her choice is the Lady Daylily.  But Daylily is not as she is expected to be - she is not afraid of anything and she is determined to win Leo and the throne.  But Leo's friendship with Rosie is a threat to Daylily's plans. 

But when a dragon invades their country and takes the capital and royal family captive Daylily and Rosie save Price Lionheart and together the two young women return to the castle to care for his family while Leo goes search of something that will aid him in quest to defeat the dragon. 
But soon Daylily and the rest of the royal family succumb to the noxious fumes of the dragon while Leo continues his quest.  Forbidden to leave the castle upon threat of death, Rosie is soon tested in her resolve to protect Leo's family.    

As time slowly passes Leo's quest takes him far from home.  When he is directed to find a ring to draw the dragon from his homeland, Leo finds himself playing Jester in the court of King Fidel of Parumvir. But Leo is soon tricked into betraying Princess Una though he is at first unwilling to betray her and must be persuaded.   
But when the dragon leaves the Southlands can anyone truly be free of the dragon's power and at what cost was their freedom bought?