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The Garden of Lost Souls Blog Tour

Garden of Lost Souls
Flin's Destiny Series Book 2
By Erik Olsen

Deep in the underworld lies a long forgotten secret...

The Garden of Lost Souls is an exciting sequel to Cobble Cavern. More than a year has passed since the tour bus full of students and their teachers fell into the deep cavern beneath Ireland.  Escape from this underworld seems highly unlikely to most of those trapped beneath the surface as they celebrate their second Thanksgiving in Cobble Cavern.  

Somehow giant turtles have entered the anemone that protects Cobble Cavern from the ocean above.  As the students play games on the turtles an equally large jellyfish creates a wave that knocks Flin and Flowell into the lake.  As the jellyfish leaves the safety of the anemone for the depths of the ocean everyone is horrified to see Flin and Flowell trapped within it.

When the jellyfish begins stinging them Flin uses his power to get them out of the jellyfish, but when they break the ocean surface they find themselves in another cavern.  As they explore this new cavern they are attacked by a giant scorpion, as they attempt to get away Flin and Flowell throw themselves over a waterfall and separated when the river forks.  

Flin soon finds himself in Clover Cavern and in danger from a  river of lava.  Using his power he manages to save the Cavern and its inhabitants.  But treachery runs deep and the cavern's existence is threatened by an act betrayal when the Jadestone is stolen.  

Meanwhile Flowell ends being captured by Blade.  When Flowell attempts an escape Sump betrays her to Blade.  Blade has plans for Flowell - he plans to sell her to the Devil's Garden and Sump is to be her escort to her doom!

Flin, with the help of his new friends Delly and Pepper, heads back home to Cobble Cavern.  Along the way they search for clues as to the whereabouts of the missing Jadestone.  But instead of information about the Jadestone, Flin learns that Flowell is alive and about to be taken to the Devil's Garden.  Flin is determined to save his friend, but he is too late.

As Flin searches for a way to save Flowell he is swept into the wind tunnel and pulled into Cobble Cavern.  Rallying the help of Luftin, Pilt, and Cretchit Flin leads a search for Flowell using his ring of destiny as a guide.

Will Flin be able to save Flowell or will they both be lost to the evil of the Devil's Garden?   

I found the Garden of Lost Souls to be an enjoyable week-end read full of exciting adventure.  

Bring on book 3!

I was provide with a Digital ARC loan for the purpose of this review.  A favorable review was not a requirement of this loan.

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