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The Flame of Resistance

Flame of Resistance
by Tracy Groot

When her fiance died during France's fall to Nazi aggression Brigitte Durand's life was altered. A once respectable young woman who was engaged and employed, Brigitte is forced to survive by selling herself to the enemy. But her survival comes at a great cost to her own soul.

When given an opportunity to aid the French Resistance Brigitte takes the opportunity in the slim hope of redeeming herself. Using her profession as a cover, Brigitte is able to pass intelligence to the Resistance through Tom Jaeger, a downed American pilot posing as a conscripted Dutch Nazi.

As Brigitte passes information concerning troop movements and nearby bridge defenses, she and Tom become friends over chess and the hope Tom brings of imminent freedom. But when Brigitte's home comes under watch of the Milice their lives and the operation are endangered.

When Tom is captured what is Brigitte willing to risk?

A retelling of the story of Rehab, Flame of Resistance is a story of redemption and courage. When given the opportunity to change not only her life but the course of the war, Brigitte accepts the challenge.

The Flame of Resistance is an intriguing look at World War II and its cost on the souls of all involved. Both sides had those who resisted the evil that threatened to envelop the world and destroy it. I found Flame of Resistance to be an enlightening and enjoyable historical fiction read.

Tyndale House Publishers provided me with a complimentary copy of this book. A favorable review was not a requirement.