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The Chase by DiAnn Mills

Crime Scene Houston
By DiAnn Mills

Kariss Walker has hit it big with her writing, but she wants more. She wants to write suspense instead of women's fiction. But Meredith Rockford is against Kariss changing genres and threatens that if she goes through with this she will never be published again! Kariss is determined to write about an unsolved case and maybe solve it in the process. The Cherished Doe case has haunted Kariss and she wants to bring justice for this innocent victim.

Lincoln Abrams is the special agent in charge of Houston's FBI and Kariss's contact with the Bureau dating back to her days as a reporter.

Tigo (Special Agent Santiago Harris) is determined to stop the gang that is supplying guns to Mexico, but when his contact doesn't show up he doesn't know if she set him up or she's dead. To Tigo's annoyance he has been assigned to show Kariss the ropes of the FBI and she'll be shadowing him for the next couple of months.

Through perseverance Kariss and Tigo manage to get press coverage of their quest for information.  When a clue leads to Cherished Doe's family and a possible murderer Kariss and Tigo are soon deeper than they realized.  

But when family problems come up Kariss has even bigger problems to deal with.  With threats coming at her from every side Kariss is determined to handle things her way.  Tigo is equally stubborn in his determination to keep Kariss safe.

When danger comes knocking at her door will Kariss be able to stay alive long enough to write the book of her heart?  Or will she become the latest victim?

The Chase was an exciting, keep-you-on-the-edge-of-your-seat book.  If you like excitement and drama this is the book for you!

I was provided a digital loan of this title by the publisher for the purpose of this review.