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Anything - Is God King of Your Life?

Anything: The Prayer That Unlocked My God and My SoulANYTHING
The Prayer That Unlocked My God and My Soul
By Jennie Allen

Often our familiarity with the concept of God keeps us from the reality of God and Jesus. We bring them out for special occasions, like a holiday decoration that has become a tradition over the years. But how do we make God and Jesus a real and tangible part of our being and our life?

In Anything Jennie Allen takes us on a journey, a journey of turning over our lives to God. Until we give Him our anything we are incomplete. We will continue to live our lives trying to earn God's grace through works and outward shows, but grace cannot be earned. Jesus gave His anything to pay for my sin because He loved me. But to know God is a risk because He will reveal our true selves to us. God will sweep away all the pretense in our lives until realize we need Him.

Many obstacles keep us from a true relationship with God. We like, Adam and Eve, hide our nakedness behind leaves – leaves of religion, morality, and good works but God sees through our leaves and sees to our very soul. We are ashamed of our sin, but He already knows our faults and has already forgiven us.

We all desire approval, but instead of seeking after God's approval we turn to the world and make approval king of our lives to the exclusion of using our God-given gifts. We must let go of normal and embrace God and extraordinary that He is waiting to give us.

We must give Him everything and anything. Anything we hold back from God becomes an idol in our life. But when we trust God with everything He provides a stability that we cannot find in the things of this world. Following God is not a guarantee of an easy life, nor was it an easy life for the first disciples.

When we truly offer anything to God we are awakened to just how temporary this life and world are. We must let go and turn over control to God. We must to quit pretending our lives are perfect and worshiping this lie that we tell ourselves. When we surrender to God we are not consigning the rest of our life to bondage rather we are freeing ourselves to be who God created us to be.

Giving our anything to God sometimes keeps us right where we were before we placed our lives on the altar. When we've handed our life over we are more fulfilled in our lives and we are able to fulfill a need that was before us all along.

In giving His everything Jesus poured out His life to restore us, so how can we then refuse Him anything? We must be like Jesus. He loved me and He gave up for me. I, in turn, must give up for
Him. He will never leave me alone in my doubts and fears, I need only call out to Him and turn them over to Him. The difficulties of my life are an opportunity for me to grow and to rely on God.

Are you willing to give God anything or will you settle for the world? The choice is yours, are you willing to take the leap? Anything will help you take an honest look at your life. Is God king or have you allowed someone or something else to sit upon His throne? Anything will open the eyes of any reader and is perfect for either a personal or group study environment.

I received a copy of this title for my honest review.