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My Own Worst Enemy ~ Review

My Own Worst Enemy
How to stop holding yourself back
By Janet Davis

Why do we sabotage ourselves at a moment when we could shine and make a lasting impact on others?  Why are we our own worst enemy?  We have convinced ourselves that we have nothing of value to offer or that anyone would even want to hear!

But God wants us to shine and to allow our talent to be seen.  We need to remember that shining is not pride and hiding is not humility.  When we hide what God has given us we are unable to honor Him by using our gifts "to their fullest and with passion."

When we self-sabotage ourself and become self-contained and isolated.  We fear to step out into the unknown and instead become a pillar of salt in the city that we know.

We feel worthless and allow others to victimize us with the choices we make.  We forget that Jesus came to give us the Good News of God.  We forget that we are children that God created to love, to cherish, and to enjoy fellowship with.

Until we are able to discover our true identity we are unable to be who God created us to be.  We must step out from behind the walls we have erected and ignore our voice of self-doubt and say YES to the life God wants to give us.  God loves us and sees past our flaws, when we experience God's love we are freed from our bondage of self-doubt and are no longer our own worst enemy.

I received a copy of this title from Bethany House for the purpose of this review.