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Nine ~ Review

By Rachelle Dekker

Someone feels that Lucy needs to escape. There is just one problem Lucy doesn't know anything about the world out there. And the world is dangerous enough when you aren't being hunted by the very people you are trying to escape from.

Zoe Johnson knows she shouldn't get involved, but there is something about Lucy that is just drawing her in. She can't leave someone so innocent, so naive to figure it all out on her own. Though Lucy's few details about herself seem a tad far-fetched. 

But all too soon Lucy's claims have seemingly become reality and now Zoe is on the run. But who is after them, after Lucy and why?

But Lucy is more than she appears and what she doesn't know or remember could get all of them killed.

Nine is a story about choice versus programming. What makes a person a person? When does one's humanity end and all that is left is a living, breathing tool? These are the questions that, to my mind, define this book. 

I really enjoyed this new offering from Rachelle Dekker. The genre is considered suspense but this is such an inadequate classification as there is so much more to this book. Yes, it most definitely has moments of suspense but there is a depth to it as the various characters are faced with a decision. Can a person programmed to obey any and all orders change? Can a person disconnected from their humanity overcome everything they have ever known to make a choice of their own? Can love restore what should have been? 

Something about this book, while totally different reminds me of Jill Williamson's eplication: The Jason Experiment. Can someone, programmed for a single purpose, be something more? In my opinion, this book delves into this question, examines it, and answers it in an interesting and entertaining manner. Would I recommend it? Yes, I would. Though not considered science fiction or fantasy I feel fairly certain that those who enjoy these genres might enjoy this title as well.

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book with no expectations but that I provide my honest opinion ~ All thoughts expressed are my own.

About the Book:
Zoe Johnson spent most of her life living in the shadows, never drawing attention to herself, never investing in people or places. But when a wide-eyed, bedraggled teenager with no memory walks into the diner where Zoe works, everything changes. Now, against her better judgment, Zoe, who has been trying to outrun her own painful memories of the past, finds herself attempting to help a girl who doesn't seem to have any past at all. The girl knows only one thing: she must reach a woman in Corpus Christi, Texas, hundreds of miles away, before the government agents who are searching for her catch up to them.

Award-winning author Rachelle Dekker throws you into the middle of the action and keeps the pressure on in this page-turning story that, asks Are we who the world says we are--or can we change our story and be something more?

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