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Love and Secrets at Cassfield Manor ~ Review with Interview, Snippet, and Giveaway

Love and Secrets at Cassfield Manor
By Sarah McConkie

It was sure to be a summer they would never forget - one of anticipation. Christine Harrison is sure that she will soon be engaged to Mr. Davenport, a gentleman of the most impeccable manners and her equal in society and means to be sure. Entertaining her chosen gentleman's attention while enjoying one last summer with her sister Lizzy and dear friends Ivory and Meg seems perfect. Until Ivory invites Mr. Henry Robertson to Cassfield Manor. A businessman invited to Cassfield seems too much and that Ivory should even for a moment contemplate such a match is unthinkable.

But Henry played the role of a gentleman well, sharing his attention with not only the young ladies but Mr.and Mrs. Harrison as well. But his own fortune and inheritance he spoke not a word.  Extending an invitation to his aunt's London Summer ball is a delight they all anticipate especially the promise of many unattached gentlemen. After charming them all they were most disappointed in his sudden and unexpected departure. A departure that coincided with the arrival of Mr. Davenport and his friend Mr. Greenville.

Christine's expectations are dashed though when Mr. Davenport quits the manor without declaring himself. Was he in doubt of his attachment? Or was something else keeping him from declaring himself? At least she has a ball to distract her and the possibility that Mr. Davenport may be in attendance, well she can hope. Making the acquaintance of Henry's brother, William proves most interesting. A man more, unlike his brother, could not be found. Where Henry was happy, William seemed subdued almost burdened.

Upon returning to Cassfield, a report reaches Christine that Mr. Davenport has wed another and she is crushed. How could she have been so utterly mistaken in his feelings?

What follows is a story that isn't to be missed as Christine comes to terms with who she is in relation to who she wishes to be. And Henry's brother William he is about to become your favorite character that is if you get to know him beyond the persona that he presents to the general populace.

There are crises of the heart, true love found, betrayals, danger, long kept secrets and they all converge on Cassfield Manor in a most delightful story. Fans of Jane Austen and Regency period romance will fall in love with this debut from Sarah McConkie. This will be one book you will loathe putting down even at the final period. Highly recommended for not only one read but repeated reads.

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book by the publisher through SLB Book Tours with no expectation but my honest review. All opinions expressed are mt own.

About the Book:
Genre:  Adult, New Adult, Christian, Fiction, Historical, Regency, Romance
Publisher: Cedar Fort
Publication date: August 14, 2018
Wealthy socialite Christine Harrison’s life seems perfect until the man she planned to marry, Mr. Davenport, proposes to someone else. Heartbroken, Miss Harrison vows never to love again, and to distract herself, she sets out to rescue a fallen young woman. Little does she know that her journey will reveal more than she expected about her friends, her seemingly perfect life, and her own heart.
About the Author:
From writing an award-wining tale of a dragon falling from the stars in the 3rd grade to regency romance written at thirty, Sarah McConkie has always had a passion for creating intriguing stories. After years of singledom looking for romance (and teaching Junior High Choir to fill up real life), Sarah began a Master’s degree in Literacy. When love finally found her, she married and became a wife and eventually a mother. After tucking in her own little princess one January evening she determined to attempt her life-long dream to write and publish a novel. Using her many years of experience in the single realm, a robust knowledge of regency classics, and a love of all things old fashioned and proper, Sarah wrote Love and Secrets at Cassfield Manor. She now lives with her own Mr. Right and her two daughters, and believes providing stimulating and moral stories promotes literacy in a world which needs more readers. This is her first novel.
Author Q and A:
1-How did you determine the setting that your book centers around? 

I have always loved the sea, and my family used to travel there a lot, so I took that love and transported it to England.

2-Where do your ideas come from - random thought, a picture, a comment, a song? 

Usually life experiences or people that I change into plot points and friends. 

3-If you could live as any of your characters which one (or two) would you be? And why this one? 

I think I would be William Robertson, my main male character. He’s so good and determined, there’s a lot I could learn from him. 

4-What two authors (1 from the past and one from the present) would like to spend the weekend with and how would you spend it? 

Hmmm...Of course Jane Austen. We would walk lovely grounds and enjoy tea cakes and I would ask her inspiration for her books, characters, and her process. Modern author? Heather Moore and I would learn how she organizes her day and all she does. 

5-What is your all-time favorite book that you want others to read and love as much as you do?
I have to say Les Miserable and Pride and Prejudice. 

6-What is the one question you wish was asked during an interview and how would you answer it? (BTW this is my favorite question)

What has been your most surprising moment with your book in print? The moment I picked up my friend’s book at Costco and realized mine was underneath it...also being sold at Costco, even though I did not know!
Or this one: What do you hope the readers learn/gain from this story? That love only works if we have hope. You must treat people and a relationship you care about like you know it will work out. Hope is what makes the difference. Also, I hope the readers see and feel that people can change and become better.

Book Snippet:
Christine breathed deeply, circling her arms around herself. As she stood among those high, stalwart cliffs, she formed a resolution. Their presence spoke to Christine once more, reminding her that she could change. She could be more steadfast in her desires. She determined then to look outward, toward others, and stop caring about herself and her status in life. She affirmed that day that she did not need high connections to validate her existence. She did not need a man to establish or promote her social standing. And perhaps most importantly, Christine resolved to never again let these base motives stand in her way of real and lasting relationships with the people around her.


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