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Coach Wooden's Forgotten Teams ~ Review

Coach Wooden's Forgotten Teams
Stories and Lessons from John Wooden's Summer Basketball Camps
By Pat Williams with Jim Denney

Foreword by Nan Wooden

I don't personally remember seeing Coach Wooden during his coaching years but I do remember my mom and grandmother talking about what a gentleman he always appeared to. (And living in LA County and Thousand Oaks they had many opportunities during which to form this favorable opinion.) So when offered a chance to review this book and learn about Coach Wooden from those on whom he had a strong influence I admit I didn't think twice about it. And I was in no way disappointing in getting to know this man who was and is so highly respected.

In Coach Wooden's philosophy, there are no unimportant parts whether it be players on the team or the rules that he established for success. This fundamental belief is one that can be carried through into all aspects of life. Success is found in the details and the details are conditioning, execution, and teamwork. And when you make mistakes have the wisdom to admit it and rectify it immediately by apologizing with humility. Be a leader who helps others lead.

It is a shame that such people are so few in the world today, we need those who are willing to teach and inspire those who are seeking instruction now. I enjoyed getting to know the man behind the legend. This is a book that should be enjoyed and the wisdom within it shared. I highly recommend this book for any reader aged 13 and up as the lessons one can glean will stay with you for a lifetime.

I was provided a review copy of this book by the publisher Revell with no expectations of a positive review. All opinions expressed are my own.

About the Book:

Rediscover the man, the coach, and the legend you thought you knew.

Legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden is known for his record-breaking run of NCAA championships and for working with some of the best players in the sport. His principles for success have been used by not only coaches and athletes but also entrepreneurs and leaders of all kinds. But his reach stretches even farther than most people know--into the hearts and lives of the people who learned the game of basketball on one of Coach Wooden's forgotten teams.

For nearly twenty years, John Wooden ran scores of summer youth basketball camps, imparting wisdom and teaching skills to thousands of boys and girls between the ages of eight and fifteen. Most would not grow up to play professional or even college ball, but all of them found their lives changed by their interaction with the greatest coach who ever lived. In those camps, Coach Wooden also impacted hundreds of camp counselors and assistant coaches.

This one-of-a-kind book shares their inspiring stories, along with six fundamental lessons from Coach Wooden for a life of success and unforgettable impact on others.

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