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The Golden Vial ~ Review

The Golden Vial
Legends of the Realm #3
By Thomas Locke

Something is coming to the Three Valleys and Dally is able to sense it. Orphaned when the fiends attacked her home killing her parents and brothers, Dally has always been isolated in her home village. But her long-held secret gift is what may save the realm from the ancient evil that has decided to return.

Hyam has succumbed to an illness that none knows how to treat or even slow. And unless action is soon undertaken Hyam will soon die and the realm will fall. Hoping to stem this tide Queen Shona is lead to travel to the Three Valleys in an attempt to halt the enemies progress.

It is for this time that Dally's gifts are needed and in her untrained state, she needs all the help she can get especially when her gifts seem to be draining her and her own life is in danger.

The Golden Vial is a book one is drawn into from the opening line. Though it is the third book in the series one can easily follow it as this time Dally is the main focus of the story. Hyam is not the main character though his presence is a motivating factor that helps propel the story along. One can easily identify with Dally from the beginning. There are characters from the previous two books who take an active role throughout and it is interesting to see the interaction between them and Dally.

I for one personally hope for many more books in this series that can capture one attention from cover to cover. The Golden Vial most definitely leaves this reader in hope of another book and it can't come too soon.

I was provided a review copy of this book by the publisher with no expectations of a positive review. All opinions expressed are my own.

About the Book:
When a hidden evil threatens to destroy the realm, 
a young orphan, untested and untrained, 
could mean the difference between victory and total defeat.

Vulnerable and weakened by grief after a terrible loss, Hyam has been struck by a mysterious illness that threatens to claim his life. Seeking to help Hyam and restore the realm, Queen Shona travels to Hyam's remote hometown to find answers and offer aid.

Dally has always had abilities far beyond those of a normal human--far-seeing and magic come naturally to her. Before the arrival of Shona and her army, Dally had always kept her abilities secret. But with an ancient evil bearing down on her village and the fate of the realm hanging in the balance, the orphaned servant girl steps forward to do what no one else can. Will the battle claim more than Dally is willing to give?

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