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The Empowered ~ Review

The Empowered
A Trevor Black Novel #2
By Craig Parshall

Trevor Black is planning on spending some quality time with his college-aged daughter Heather. But then he gets a call from Dick Valentine regarding the death of Jason Forester. Forester's death appears to be natural causes but someone who wants to remain anonymous has expressed concerns about this death. And those concerns target Forester's death as being the result of voodoo.

Death by voodoo? Most might scoff at such a claim but not Trevor and when he is presented with an opportunity to speak at an ABA convention in New Orleans, he takes it as a sign that he is supposed to take this case. With Heather tagging along he makes the trip to New Orleans and finds an even more complicated web of cases that may have ties to his now deceased  Assistant US Attorney.

But soon Trevor finds himself targeted by supernatural forces that seem determined to keep him from exposing the truth. And when he framed for a horrific murder he knows he has to get Heather out of New Orleans, but she has disappeared. With the other disappearances, Trevor fears for the life and the soul of his daughter. What follows is a look into the dark underside of the city one that is ruled by those who live not in the physical world but the spiritual and they are more than happy to pervert all that they can.

The Empowered is a high-powered suspense that will keep the reader gripping the book as the pages flip by. Yes, it is a little intense at times so sensitive readers may want to avoid reading within an hour or two of bed. And this book doesn't shy away from current issues that should concern all readers. fans of Speculative and suspense fiction have just met the newest attention grabber for their to-be-read list. Those who have enjoyed Frank Peretti and James Rubart might want to give this one a try. Haven't read the first Trevor Black novel (The Occupied) that's okay I haven't either and had no problem getting caught up in this book, so read on.

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book by Tyndale House Publishers with no expectation of a positive review ~ All opinions expressed are my own.

About the Book:
Just when a mysterious death in Washington, DC, appears to have voodoo connections rooted in New Orleans, Trevor Black also receives an invitation to speak at the national ABA convention in the city.

He knows he’ll be in enemy territory, both as a disbarred attorney and as a follower of Jesus, but he determines to travel there and confront the supernatural element. Right after a grisly murder in his hotel room puts him on the suspect list, his daughter disappears, leaving a note that suggests a connection to the local cult religion. Now Trevor must not only crack the case but try to protect Heather from forces of darkness clutching at her soul as well. And just as he discovers that his ability to sniff out the supernatural has its limitations, Trevor learns that this web of evil extends far beyond isolated murders, enslaving scores of innocent children, with its head perhaps linked to the highest seats of power.
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