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West Oversea ~ Review

West Oversea
By Lars Walker

A Norse saga of mystery, adventure and faith...

Father Aillil is priest to those who live and serve under the authority of Erling Skjalgsson. When he hears rumors of an Irish thrall who fits the description of his sister Maeve, Father Aillil seeks Erling's aid in searching out this woman who has been taken to Greenland.

When Erling's long-lost, presumed-dead, elder brother returns to Norway he gives over his leadership to Karri rather than fight for his rule. This frees Erling to make the journey across the sea that Aillil desires.

But nothing is ever as easy as it sounds and the party that travels with Erling and Aillil faces dangers that are both unknown and expected. But the greatest danger may be the one Aillil carries with him - one that threatens his faith by tempting him with the gods of old that still vie for the hearts and souls of the people who call the far northern countries home.

This book will expose the reader to the Norse history and mythology that shaped a region. There are definite elements of fantasy throughout.

There is a map at the beginning of the book so that the reader can visualize this journey and there is a list of characters which I for one definitely referenced while reading. This isn't light reading but it is entertaining and somewhat educational. This book is geared towards older teen and adult readers though younger teens who have advanced reading comprehension are sure to enjoy it.

I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher through BookFun with the expectations of a positive review. All opinions expressed are my own.  

About the Book:
In the year 1001, King Olaf Trygvesson is dead, but his sister’s husband, Erling Skjalgsson, carries on his dream of a Christian Norway that preserves its traditional freedoms. Rather than do a dishonorable deed, Erling relinquishes his power and lands. He and his household board ships and sail west to find a new life with Leif Eriksson in Greenland. This voyage, though, will be longer and more dangerous than they ever imagined. It will take them to an unexplored country few Europeans have seen. Demonic forces will pursue them, but the greatest danger of all may be in a dark secret carried by Father Aillil, Erling’s Irish priest.