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Beyond Justice ~ Review

Beyond Justice
By Cara Putman

Hayden McCarthy is all about doing her job and doing it well. She doesn't have time for a personal life at the moment as her focus has to be her job if she's to make partner at Elliott and Johnson and be the youngest to do so. When Hayden is given a case that could make or break her career she determines to bring this case before a judge and win justice for her client - the mother of a young man murdered while in US custody.

This case doesn't fit any particular mold making it a challenge. Add to that her client's obvious reluctance and fear and Hayden knows more is at stake than she first imagined. And time is short as the evidence trail will soon vanish if she doesn't act. But someone seems intent on ending her case and anyone connected to it is in danger.

But who is trying to end this case? Is it someone in the US government or someone with far-reaching power who is pulling strings he should never have had access to?

Thanks to her roommate Emily, Hayden has another distraction in her life - Emily seems intent on playing matchmaker between Hayden and her cousin Andrew Wesley.  And Emily seems purposefully oblivious to the fact that Andrew and Hayden aren't keen on her attempts. But when Hayden's case seemingly has links to Andrew's work this case and their non-relationship are about take an unexpected twist.

Looking for a legal thriller to read Beyond Justice is worth giving a try.  This was my first time reading any of Cara Putman's work and it was well worth the time spent perusing the pages.  Fans of Randy Singer and Robert Whitlow will enjoy Cara Putman's work and attention to details.  I personally look forward to reading more of this author's work in the future.

I was provided a review copy of this book by the publisher through BookLook with no expectations of a positive review.  All opinions expressed are my own.

About the Book:

Hayden McCarthy is on track to become the youngest partner in her prestigious D.C. law firm . . . if the case she's just been handed doesn't destroy her first.
Hayden McCarthy knows firsthand the pain when justice is not served. It's why she became an attorney and why she's so driven in her career. When she's assigned a wrongful death case against the government, she isn't sure if it's the lucky break she needs to secure a partnership—or an attempt to make sure she never gets there.
Further complicating matters is Andrew, her roommate’s distractingly attractive cousin. But Andrew’s father is a Congressman, and Hayden's currently taking on the government. Could the timing be any worse?
The longer she keeps the case active, the higher the stakes become. Unknown enemies seem determined to kill the case—or her. Logic and self-preservation would indicate she should close the case. But how can she, when justice is still just beyond her reach?
"Cara Putman's expert legal mind shines in Beyond Justice as she weaves a gripping, suspenseful tale of intrigue that takes on one of the hardest issues of our time. Hayden McCarthy is one feisty heroine that doesn't let anything get between her and the truth." —Jordyn Redwood, author of the Bloodline Trilogy and Fractured Memory