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A Time to Speak ~ Review

A Time to Speak
Out of Time #2
By Nadine Brandes

Her brother was murdered before her very eyes. Willow was kept from returning to the West. Elm was trapped within the wall at Opening 3. And Parvin Blackwater's association with Solomon Hawke is now known.

With the information stolen from Jude clocks are coming. Radicals illegal or registered will no longer be clockless, the Council will make sure everyone is matched. Parvin is determined to stop this danger that she alone seems capable of seeing. Can she rescue Willow and stop the Council before it is too late?

But the Council has plans and Parvin is about to find out just what they have planned for her. And she's not going to be pleased.

The Council is targeting Radicals and Low City citizens and Parvin is determined to be their voice and warn them of the coming danger. If all else fails she will lead them through the Wall to the safety of Ivanhoe.

When the Enforcers begin rounding up people Parvin makes sure she is included so as to provide guidance to her people.  But when they find themselves on a cargo ship heading to an unknown location, Parvin must overcome her doubts and rely on the faith that she has claimed as her own. After all she has felt the call to speak and she will go wherever she is lead.

Parvin is a Radical turned Rebel and she is about to show the Council just how far she will go to be a voice against their lies. Parvin is determined to be the voice of truth to any and all who will listen.

Her family and friends have been separated. Some are in hiding, others are in the custody of the government, and some are with her. A year ago Parvin was convinced that she would soon die, but now she is determined to live. And her life is going to make a difference to the world.

This is the second book in the Out of Time series and it is as intense as the first book A Time to Die. Skelley Chase is as despicable as he was when he pulled the trigger that ended Reid's life, if not more so. This is an emotional journey, a journey of discovery, and a journey in search of the truth. Teens and adults who love dystopian and science fiction will enjoy this continuation Parvin's journey.

I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

About the Book:

What happens when you live longer than you wanted to?

Parvin Blackwater wanted to die, but now she's being called to be a leader. The only problem is, no one wants to follow.

The Council uses Jude's Clock-matching invention to force "new-and-improved" Clocks on the public. Those who can't afford one are packed into boxcars like cattle and used for the Council's purposes.

Parvin and Hawke find themselves on a cargo ship of Radicals headed out to sea. What will the Council do to them? And why are people suddenly dying before their Clocks have zeroed-out?