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Code 13 ~ Review

Code 13
The Navy JAG series #2
By Don Brown

It was an assignment she never expected to get and if she's not careful it may be her last!

Caroline McCormick, a Lieutenant Commander with the JAG Corps of the US Navy, is about to be reassigned.  It's just a question of where.  And her new assignment in Code 13 is one she never saw coming nor was the chance to again serve with P.J. MacDonald.

But Code 13 has come to the attention of several groups who wield power because of a proposed bill that has been sent to them ~ legalizing the use of unmanned drones for military and domestic purposes.  The legal opinion handed down by Code 13 may make or break this deal before it makes its way to Congress.  And the JAG officer tasked with providing the legal opinion has just landed in the sights of those both for and against this technology.

When JAG officers assigned to the Project Blue Jay legal opinion start dying Caroline and a small group JAG and NCIS officers determine to bring whoever is involved to justice.  There's just one problem they don't have any leads.  And without any leads Caroline just became the next potential target.

For readers who like an intense thriller that will keep you guessing as to who "pulled" the trigger Code 13 is your next logical reading choice.  Don Brown writes in a style that will keep the reader's attention as the story unfolds.  If you haven't read any of his previous books don't worry you can pick this one up and not get lost in characters whom you are unfamiliar with.  This could easily be a stand-alone title.

I was provided a copy of this book through BookLook in exchange for my honest review.  

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Caroline is just getting her feet wet at the prestigious Code 13, but is thankful for at least one familiar face—her old flame, P.J. MacDonald. He loops her into the assignment he is currently working on—the legality of a proposed drone-sharing contract with Homeland Security that would allow the sale of drones for domestic surveillance. The contractor wants a legal opinion clearing the contract for congressional approval. But the mob wants the proposal dead-on-arrival.

When P.J. is gunned down in cold blood and a second JAG officer is killed, one thing becomes clear: whoever is ordered to write the legal opinion on the drones becomes a target. Which is exactly why Caroline goes to her commanding officer and volunteers to write the legal opinion herself. She is determined to avenge P.J.’s death and trap the killer, even if that means making herself a target.

It is a deadly game of Russian roulette for the sake of justice, but Caroline is determined to see it through, even if it costs her life.