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Bottled Madness ~ Review

Bottled Madness
In the President's Service #7
By Ace Collins

Bottled Madness is the 7th episode from In the President's Service which follows Helen Meeker and her small group of "secret" agents who are working to undermine those who are secretly aiding the Nazi.  Their quest to stop Alistar Fister has lead them into Louisiana and a confrontation with a deadly foe.

But alligators are the least of Helen's problems.  A 70 year old mystery is about to come to light as a strange illness strikes select members of the government and law enforcement.  What is causing this rash of madness?  Is a plot by Hitler, or is it an enemy closer to home?

As Alistar's future is in doubt Fredrick Bauer is in need of a new recruit to aid him in his behind the scene efforts.  His newest recruit is not what he expects and may have a few surprises in store for him.

In Bottled Madness the team suffers another loss and there is a surprise at the end which may or may not shock some readers.  Get ready for more intrigue in this race to stop those who are determined to topple the the Allies.

I was provided a copy of this book by TBCN/BookFun in exchange for my honest review, but hasve since purchased a paperback copy of this book.

About the Book:
Starting with a dramatic scene that pits Helen Meeker against a cranky and very hungry alligator, Bottled Madness takes readers on a dangerous but thrilling ride through the next episode of “In the President’s Service.” From explorers to politicians to people of all races and cultures, the legend of the Fountain of Youth has called to anxious hearts through the ages. World War II was no exception, and one of the cruelest men of that era or any other, Adolf Hitler, was willing to pay exorbitant amounts to get his hands on the supposedly magical elixir. With lives hanging in the balance, Helen Meeker and her team, believed by many to be dead but who are in fact very much alive—at least for the time being—must race against time to protect themselves and others against the curse that accompanies the Fountain of Youth legend.

About the Author: 
 Ace Collins is the writer of more than sixty books, including several bestsellers: Stories behind the Best-Loved Songs of Christmas, Stories behind the Great Traditions of Christmas, The Cathedrals, and Lassie: A Dog's Life. Based in Arkadelphia, Arkansas, He continues to publish several new titles each year, including a series of novels, the first of which is Farraday Road. Ace has appeared on scores of television shows, including CBS This Morning, NBC Nightly News, CNN, Good Morning America, MSNBC, and Entertainment Tonight.