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Torn Asunder ~ Review

Torn Asunder 
by Alana Terry 

This is a hard book to read not because it badly written but because the story is so brutal in the hardships that two young native North Korean missionaries faced in bringing the message of God to a land repressed.  The very thinking of God is considered a crime within North Korea. Yet Hannah and Simon not only think about Him they desire to spread their knowledge and His love to those who have yet to hear of Him

But their love for one another could destroy all they are working for.  Can they withstand the torture and the threat of torture to one another to safe-guard those to whom they've shared the message of hope with?  And are Hannah and Simon willing to give up everything to bring the Message of eternal hope to a nation that has lived without hope?

Torn Asunder will make one look frankly at one's own life.  One's own problems and trials will seem trivial when compared to the lives of those lving in North Korea.  And the freedoms that we have to worship are vastly in contrast to the persecutions faced there.

Alana Terry's writing will deeply touch your heart and will move you to tears.  One can only wonder how one would fare in similar a situation.  How firmly does one believe in the face of persecution and the threat of death to the one holds most dear?  Alana writes a beautifully brutal and honest story that will make you stop and think.

I was provided a copy of this book by the author in exchange for my honest review.