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The Monogamy Mystery ~ Review and Giveaway

The Monogamy Mystery
By John I. Cline

In The Monogamy Mystery John Cline delves into the historic, spiritual, societal, and biological factors that have and have had an impact on the ability or inability of humanity to live within the confines of a monogamous relationship. Is this a natural or unnatural inclination? This is the question John Cline addresses with thoughtful and carefully presented evidences.

All too often marriage is based on the foundation of romantic love which is the weakest of all loves.  This foundation is an erroneous myth that western society has created - the promise of happily ever after.  But happily ever after takes work and commitment, a commitment that that is seemingly contrary to social, biological, and historical norms.

Faithfulness in marriage is the desire of most people as is reflected by the vows made before God, family and friends of forsaking all others for the duration of both partners lives.  But society expects unfaithfulness and has even fostered this mindset throughout history.

But faithfulness, monogamy can be a reality.  But it takes work and as we are often told anything worth having takes work.  Monogamy is the perfect state that man (Adam) and woman (Eve) existed in before they partook in sin.  Sin destroyed this perfect union at the same time it destroyed our perfect existence with God.  And it is only by turning to God that we can find a solution to the troubling presence of infidelity that is destroying our marriages and damaging our families on every level.

Monogamy was (and is) the first institution created by God, if we can hold onto this in our marriages we are attempting to live within His original plan.  This is a spiritually ordained gift from God and it is only by relying on God and His godly principles that we can stand firm in this selflessness.

Of great interest to me was that author recommends that both men and women look to Proverbs 31 on proper behavior for husbands and wives.  This passage should be your go to passage throughout your life (even before one starts dating) to study as the standard for which we should model our behavior.

This book should be part of every marriage counselor's library and would be an excellent study resource for a newly engaged or married couple.

I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for my participation in this tour and my honest review.       

About John I. Cline:

Bishop John I. Cline is the senior pastor of the New Life Baptist Church in Tortola, British Virgin Islands.

As a teenager, he left the shores of the British Virgin Islands to further his education and broaden his horizons in the United States of America by way of the United States Virgin Islands. With his training in electronic engineering in hand and some work experience in the USA, he returned to the British Virgin Islands in 1993. Since that time, he has launched many successful businesses including Infinite Solutions, a trading store through which he markets and sells consumer electronics, and Atlantis Solar, through which he markets, promotes and distributes alternative energy products locally, regionally and internationally.

In 1997, the Church, under his leadership, constructed new premises and relocated from Road Town to Duff’s bottom under the name New Life Baptist Church. Three years later, the New Life Day Care and Learning Centre was constructed to ensure that children were being indoctrinated with biblical teaching during these wonder years. He was consecrated to the Office of the Bishop and inducted in the College of Bishops as a presbyter, adjudicator and an examiner in October 2005. In 2011, he spearheaded the construction of the church’s Save the Seed Centre, a multi-million-dollar recreational facility intended to target the youth generation – a generation he feels in dire need of attention and rescue.

He is also the founding member of the New Life Baptist Church Foundation. The Church’s most recent international philanthropic efforts have included providing financial support to a school in Africa, The Tortola Child Rescue and Learning Centre, where the most recent efforts have been the construction of the secondary school, thereby ensuring that each student in the school has an opportunity to continue his or her education through the secondary level.

He attributes his success to godly parents, strong family ties, a caring church, and a supportive community and he desires to ‘pass it on!”

About THE Monogamy MYSTERY:

The Monogamy Mystery is a thought-provoking advanced discussion which addresses the issue of monogamy. It addresses the important questions as to whether monogamy is natural or unnatural and whether a monogamous existence can truly be achieved by mankind. It studies monogamy from a biblical, sociological, biological and spiritual perspective and arrives at a most logical conclusion. Infidelity has been a destructive force to the institution of marriage. Hence, it is important for each of us to understand the root of infidelity and learn how to conquer it in order to enjoy more fulfilling lives. Many husbands and wives find themselves in the middle of extra-marital affairs, not because they want to destroy their marriages, not because they do not love their spouses, and not because they are inherently evil or bad-intentioned. My total life experiences have brought me to a place where I have formed the view that it has become urgent to unearth some necessary truths and understanding in an effort to stop, correct, and guide future generations of persons who opt for committed relationships in their ultimate pursuit of happiness. The Monogamy Mystery is the ultimate relationship companion on the real causes of infidelity in interpersonal relationships.

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