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The Abbot's Agreement ~ Review

The Abbot's Agreement
The chronicles of
         Hugh de Singleton, surgeon 7
By Mel Starr

It was to be a short trip to Oxford, but alas yet again Hugh's plans have gone awry.  If only he hadn't seen the birds.  But he did see the birds and in the process discovered a body.

This discovery leads the Abbot of Eynshan Abbey to retain Hugh's services in determining who killed the abbey's missing novice.  But there is more to this mystery than Hugh could have possibly imagined.  And this case is fraught with dangers from both within the abbey and without.

With clues leading to several potential suspects, Hugh must ply his skills as both surgeon and bailiff to get to the truth that has been carefully concealed.

But frustration ensues as each lead seemingly falls just short of what Hugh needs to determine the killer's identity. Adding to his anxiety his wife Kate is due to deliver their second child in the very near future.

When the case takes an unexpected turn Hugh finds himself in an uncomfortable position and has few that he can turn to for assistance.

If you like murder mysteries and historical fiction the Chronicles of Hugh de Singleton, surgeon will keep you guessing as he eliminates suspects and motives.  Take a trip to 14th century England for a who-dun-it that will hold your interest until the final page.

Yet another delightful murder mystery from the pen of Mel Starr!

I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher Lion Hudson through the Kregel blogger program in exchange for my honest review and my participation in this tour.

About the book:
A new and disturbing puzzle for the medieval surgeon-turned-sleuth...

Master Hugh de Singleton is making his way toward Oxford when he discovers the corpse of a young Benedictine not half a mile from the nearby abbey.

The abbey's novice master confirms the boy's identity; it is John, one of three novices. He had gone missing four days previous, and yet his corpse is fresh. There has been plague in the area, but this was not the cause of death-the lad has been stabbed in the back. To Hugh's sinking heart, the abbot has a commission for him.

With realistic medical procedures of the period, droll medieval wit, and a consistent underlying sense of Christian compassion, the seventh in the chronicles of Hugh de Singleton will delight medieval history and crime fiction fans alike.