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The Devil's Eyes ~ Review

The Devil's Eyes
In the President's Service, Episode 5
by Ace Collins

Episode 5 of In the President's Service is yet another action packed adventure.  And the man behind Alistair Fisher's unique abilities Dr. Bauer is further revealed and he is even creepier than one first suspected.  And he is pulling strings throughout the world, manipulating and scheming to get what he truly wants - power.

Helen Meeker and her team are determined to find out who is behind Alistair and his assassination attempt.  The Nazis? Or organized crime?  Helen has her suspicions, but to find the truth she and the team need to remain dead.  But someone has become aware of their deception and this knowledge just may have ramifications they hadn't counted on having to contend with.

Get ready for more stakeouts and subterfuge as a hidden threat within the United States is tracked.  I, for one, thoroughly enjoyed this latest episode and am looking forward to Episode 6.

I was provided a copy of this book by TBCN/BookFun in exchange for my honest review.

About the Book:
The Devil’s Eyes picks up where Fatal Addiction left off, with singer Grace Lupino charming her way into men’s hearts while plunging a knife in the back of anyone who gets in her way.

While Helen Meeker and her team, supposedly dead, hide in the shadows, trying to discover the identity of the mole in the White House as well as uncover the truth of who is behind the evil that snuffs out lives and steals souls without a twinge of conscience, some of the most important and valued documents in American history become a pawn between life and death.