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Every Waking Moment ~ Review

Every Waking Moment
By Chris Fabry

Treha Langsam has a gift, but most people can't see it because it is hidden away inside the body of woman who is damaged.  She has no memory of her childhood, though she longs for one.  In fact Treha is so intent on have a story and past that she'll borrow someone else's story to see if she can make it her own.

But the residents of Desert Gardens see and recognize Treha's gift, because she uses it in her daily dealings with them.  She helps them in a way no one can truly understand.  She draws them back to a awareness of what they use to be.

But Treha's past is missing for a reason.  She is the answer to some baffling medical issues that have recently been brought to light.  But her very existence is also a threat.

Who is Treha?  And can her life ever be anything more than it is?  These are the questions that are the thread of the story.  And the answers lie in having respect for others, dignity during all stages of life, and the responsibilities of science.  This is a powerful and moving story that will touch your heart.

There are other stories running throughout Every Waking Moment - there is Miriam Howard who is the director of Desert Gardens and also Treha's advocate.  There is Dr. Crenshaw who takes a special interest in Treha and her talents.  Devin Hillis is documenting the residents of Desert Gardens hoping that he will find The Story that will make his fledgling company take flight.  And then Du'Relle who is Treha's young neighbor who is determined to be her protector though he has his own problems to deal with.

I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher through The Book Club Network in exchange for my honest review.