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A Place in His Heart ~ Review & Giveaway

A Place in His Heart
The Southold Chronicles
By Rebecca DeMarino

Mary Langton wants to marry for love, but she's been disappointed once and had her heart broken.  But when she meets Barnabas Horton she feels she may have found the man she is intended to marry.

But Barnabas's heart has been broken as well.  His wife Ann has died leaving him to care for his two young boys alone.  After a chance encounter shows Mary's caring ways with his two sons, Barnabas considers the possibility of marrying again, not that he could ever love again - not after Ann.

When Mary and Barnabas marry, Mary and her family are stunned to learn that Barnabas is contemplating leaving England behind for the freedom to worship freely in the New World.

Can a marriage survive when placed upon such a shaky foundation?  Mary and Barnabas are about to find out.

A Place in His Heart takes place over a 10 year time period starting in 1630.  This is a journey of faith, trust, family, and love.  There are struggles and heartbreaks along the way, but determination and the desire to serve God are key to this book.  Mary and Barnabas have to discover for themselves what love truly is and what trust in God means.

I found several interesting facts in this book, including a way to grow corn, beans, and squash in ones garden that I'd like to try next year.  Rebecca DeMarion's debut has me looking forward to the second book in the Southold Chronicles.  Take a step back in time and have an enjoyable reading experience.

About the Book:
She could cross an ocean, but could she ever win his heart?

Anglican Mary Langton longs to marry for love. Left at the altar and disgraced in her small hamlet, she is being pressured to marry the eligible son of the London milliner. Puritan Barnabas Horton still grieves the loss of his beloved wife, but he knows his two young sons need a mother.

With tender hearts, Mary and Barnabas take a leap of faith and wed. But when Barnabas's secret plans to move his family to the New World to escape persecution come to light, Mary's world is upended. How could she possibly leave her papa and her dear sister?

And will she ever reach the secret places of her husband's broken heart?  

Rebecca DeMarino is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers, Romance Writers of America, and The Southold Long Island Historical Society. She was a 2011 Genesis Award semi-finalist and lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, Tom. A Place in His Heart isbased on DeMarino's ancestors, who came to Long Island in the mid-1600s to establish a life--and a legacy--in the New World. Learn more

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