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Reapers ~ Review

By Bryan Davis

Without Reapers the dead are trapped on earth, something is keeping them from moving on to the afterlife.  They wander in a state of confusion looking for those they have lost.

Reapers are a select group of people who have been trained to gather the souls of the dead and the dying, providing transport to the Gateway.  For the last 3 years Phoenix has been a Reaper collecting the souls within his district.  But Phoenix has been smuggling contraband to the poor, hoping to stave off death another day.  But someone has discovered Phoenix's secret - the only question is who knows?

Phoenix has come to the attention of the Gatekeeper and the Resistance and finds himself caught between these factions.  But why a teenage Reaper with just 3 years of service would be of importance has Phoenix baffled.  And of even greater concern anyone who means anything to him suddenly becomes leverage against him.

Discovering the truth about the Gateway and the Gatekeeper is imperative, but whom can he trust?  Several fellow Reapers are willing to aid Phoenix in his mission, but can he trust them?  And how can he determine the truth?

This is an intense and riveting story that just captures your attention, much as a Reaper collects a soul - it pulls you in.  And I really, really want to read book 2 to find out what happens next.  What is the truth about the Gateway?  Have the Reapers been mislead about the true purpose of their soul collection?  Or is the Resistance the true deceiver?  And the Gatekeeper is really creepy, but who is he?

Anyone who has read Bryan Davis's previous books won't be disappointed, unless you want dragons.  Fans of Jill Williamson's Safe Lands series or Krista McGee's Anomaly series will want to pick up this series as well.

I was provided a copy of this book by the author in exchange for my honest review.  

About Reapers:

Reapers is a dystopian tale with a supernatural twist. Taking place in a futuristic, urban setting, this first book in a planned trilogy will appeal to readers of The Hunger Games and similar fast-paced stories for young adults. Along with a blend of real life and imagination, it delivers action, danger, and suspense through the adventures of three teenagers - Phoenix, Singapore, and Shanghai - Reapers who collect the souls of the dying or already dead and transport them to the Gateway where they will travel to their final destination … or so they are told.