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For Mercies Sake ~ Review

For Mercie's Sake
By Sharon Srock

Diana Kensington and Scottlyn Rich are both hurting.  What these two have lost is family - Diana can't past the death of her husband and Scottlyn is trapped by an attack and her father's anger.

For Mercie's Sake has a slight resemblance to Francine Rivers's The Atonement Child in that she is being pressured by her family to get rid of her child.

I like that by looking beyond her own problems and losses Diana is able to start healing.  This is an excellent story that does not take a long time to read.

I was provided a copy of this book by the author and in exchange for my honest review.

About the Book:
A victim of rape, sixteen year old Scottlyn Rich is disowned by her family when she refuses to abort the child she carries. Determined to raise her baby, she has no idea how to handle the obstacles ahead, she only knows that giving her daughter, Mercie, a chance to live is the most important thing she'll ever do.

Widowed school teacher Diana Kensington lost everything she held dear the day her husband’s plane fell out of the sky. Four hundred and thirty nine days later she still has no answer to her daily prayer. “What now, God?”

Can trust be built between these two lost women? Can they work together to fill the void in each other's lives, for Mercie' s sake?