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Saturday's Child ~ Review

Saturday's Child 
by Clare Revell 

Aaron Field is facing a deadline and an evil unlike anything he's prepared to fight until Meaghan Knight enters his world.  But the evil that Aaron is facing has been slowly choking him and all he holds dear.

When it comes to evil step-mothers Tanis Field has got to take the prize. She's the epitome of evil and she has slowly been tearing her family apart over the years and Aaron is last one who can stop her and with Meggie's help he may find the courage to turn to God again.  

Saturday's Child is a fight not only in the physical world but in the spiritual.  And without the prayers and support of know those who know them Aaron and Meggie may not survive the coming battle for their souls.

Saturday's Child takes a look at the dangerous power that is the occult and its effect on those who are exposed to its seductive deceptions.  Without a strong faith and an even stronger relationship with God one cannot hope to withstand the onslaught of demonic evil. 

I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher Pelican Books and TBCN/ in exchange for my honest and fair review.

Aaron Field is a farmer. He’s sworn off parties and bonfires, and being more concerned with losing his farm than anything else, he has little time for church. When his field is hired by the church for a Guy Fawkes night bonfire, Aaron is ill prepared for the feisty Welsh woman who steps onto his land and into his heart.

Meaghan Knight is a farmer’s daughter. It’s her job to make sure the church’s bonfire party runs smoothly, and if that means ironing out the kinks in surly Farmer Field then that’s what she’ll do. When she finds out what’s really behind his attitude, she feels ill prepared to face his history, his family, and the danger.

As Aaron and Meghan join forces, they discover an evil so demonic it threatens not only the farm, but their lives, as well. Meghan knows God can prevail, but first she has to convince Aaron not to give up.