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Sixteen ~ Review and Guest Post

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Guest Post 
Name Meanings 
by Emily Rachelle

All meanings and statistics found at, my favorite site for character names.

Name: Nikki
Place: Main character
Age: 16
Appearance: Long, curly blonde hair and blue eyes
One fact: She loves dance, particularly ballet; she’s actually the assistant teacher for a kids’ ballet class at the community center.

Nikki’s name means “victory of the people.” An odd name, and one that could be viewed several ways in light of Nikki’s personality and how her story plays out. The origins of this name are Greek. It’s a form of Nicola, which is a feminized form of Nicholas - which is derived from Nikolaos.

Name: Matt
Place: Love interest
Age: 24
Appearance: Short blond hair and clear green eyes
One fact: While he’s not into fiction and doesn’t have the patience for full-length books, Matt enjoys reading nonfiction magazines and news articles - especially considering history and science.

Matt, short for Matthew, means “gift of God.” Thankfully, he doesn’t act like he totally believes this! This name has both English and Hebrew origins. It can be traced from Matthew, to Matthaios, to Matitya.

Name: Christy
Place: Best friend
Age: 16
Appearance: Auburn hair, a little longer than shoulder-length, and brown eyes
One fact: Her favorite part of youth group is the singing.

Christy actually means “follower of Christ” - definitely the most fitting name for this whole book. Its origins lie in French and Latin roots, tracing back to Christine, Christina, Christiana, Christian, and finally Christianus.

Name: Claire
Place: Daughter
Age: 18
Appearance: Purple pixie haircut and green eyes. Yes, this girl is special.
One fact: You will never find Claire dead in a dress.

Claire’s name can mean “clear,” “bright,” or “famous.” It’s also a Latin-rooted name, but with only one name behind it - Clare.

By Emily Rachelle

This is just a short review so as to not give too much away. Claire is about to go away to college, but with just minutes before she leaves she and her mother have a talk. A talk that Claire hasn't had time for before. But this talk is Claire's story and also that of her mother and her father.

This is a story about choices and how the choices we make have lasting effects on the lives we will live. But this is also a story of the heart.

Sixteen takes place in both the present and the 1990s as Nikki and Claire's story is revealed to both the reader and to Claire. Some stories are worth hearing and this is one needs to be heard. Sixteen is a short story that should appeal to teens and it packs a lot into 70+ pages. Mother-daughter relationships, dating, and spiritual matters are the main focuses of this story which comes together in a manner that isn't forced or 2-by-4 to the head preachy.

I was provided a digital copy of this book by the author for the purpose of reviewing and offering my honest opinion.

About Emily:

Born in Panama, Emily Rachelle has traveled throughout the country and the world with her Air Force family. Currently, she lives with her parents and three brothers in middle Georgia. While Emily enjoyed reading as far back as she remembers, writing didn't come to her until she learned the forms of poetry and the basics of story in fourth grade. Since then, she's written scripts for homeschool dramas, poems for birthday presents, and stories for friends and family to enjoy.  Sixteen is her debut into the professional world of words. You can find Emily at her blog, Emily Rachelle Writes,

Connect with Emily online at:

Emily Rachelle Writes







Back Cover Copy:
Nicole "Nikki" Johnson has never gotten along with her mother, so when she meets a great new guy, it's no surprise that Matt's age is all her mom sees. Just because he's twenty­four and she's sixteen doesn't mean he's a creeper! Thankfully, Nikki's dad allows Nikki and Matt to be together and see how things work out. Their relationship is fantastic and Nikki is on cloud nine...

Until the Fourth of July picnic, when things go too far. Now a very changed Nikki has to make choices that will affect her every relationship ­ with Matt, her parents, her best friend, and most importantly, God.

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