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The Search for Isaac ~ Review

The Search for Isaac
The Outrider Chronicles # 1
By Patricia Reamy

If you are a fan of Christian Speculative Fiction The Search for Isaac should appeal to you, even if you've never read it The Search for Isaac will delight and excite!  This book in my opinion is an almost dystopian book, almost but not quite.

The Outriders are an ancient group of warriors who have been imparted gifts by God.  But as with many groups who are entrusted to protect and defend a faction has arisen within them that threatens to destroy them and their work.  Those who are determined to follow the leadings of the Holy Spirit are the Old Guard and those who have wrested control for their own purpose are known as The Tempest.

The Search for Isaac is an effort on the part of both groups to find the man who use to lead them before they splintered.  Isaac could restore what has been lost or he could be used to destroy the few who remain loyal their purpose and to God.

The Search for Isaac is an exciting and intriguing book and I have to say I am eagerly awaiting the second book in this series.  And I hope to learn more about the Outriders and their beginnings!

I was provided a copy of this book through BookFun (dot) Org and the author in exchange for my honest review.

About the Book:
 There is dissension within the ancient organization of Outriders. 
Ariana Sommers is one among an elite group of warriors of God known as Outriders called to protect and defend lives as directed by the Holy Spirit. When the mysterious disappearance of The Organization’s leader Isaac splinters the outriders into two hostile sides, Ari finds herself the reluctant leader of The Old Guard faction. She is pitched headlong into a life and death struggle against her former friend Silas and the faction that now calls themselves The Tempest. Digging deep into her faith and into her own past to fulfill a prophecy and find forgiveness and restoration, Ari and her friends must travel the globe in order to find Isaac before The Tempest can reach him.