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December CSFF Blog Tour ~ Merlin's Shadow Day 1

Welcome to the first day of the December CSFF Blog Tour

Take a new look at Merlin as you have never before seen him...

Merlin's Shadow
The Merlin Spiral #2
By Robert Treskillard

To fully appreciate Merlin's Shadow and understand the various intricacies of the story you should read the first book in the series Merlin's Blade.  But if you haven't read Merlin's Blade here is a quick recap.

A stone of incredible power has been brought forth.  The evil it's unleashing will change the life of a young man, a village, and an island nation.  The future of Britain lies with a stone, a sword, and the blind son of a smith.  Merlin's Blade will entrance you, as it draws you in.  Be prepared as you enter a world of deep held beliefs and even deeper superstitions. Enter the world of Merlin before Arthur took the throne or even held the sword!

Fealty is sworn by subjects before their king in Merlin's Blade.  Merlin vows to serve both his King Uther and his son - Arthur.  Merlin's vow was sincere, unlike Tregeagle the Magister of Bosventor who made a half-hearted vow, fearing that Uther would demand more than he was willing to give - after all the villagers owed him more than the King.  And at the heart of this lack of fealty is the Druid stone that is enchanting the region.  And the people are willing to sacrifice their souls, friends, and family to satisfy a longing or greed that they refused to suppress when offered to them by the stone and its dark powers. 

But through faith in Jesu, prayer, and the disability that has been his for 7 years Merlin is able to withstand the evil. As Merlin struggles with how to free his family, friends, village, and king from this insidious delusion he becomes the man he was meant to be.  And the struggle to defeat the druid hold and the seductive power of the stone could very well cost Merlin his life.

Merlin's Blade is a fascinating look at Merlin and the faith that he claimed as his own and the strength it gave him to withstand the evil of the Druid stone.

In conjunction with the CSFF Blog Tour, I received a free copy of this book from the publisher.

More about Merlin's Shadow tomorrow....

Purchase Merlin’s Shadow  or visit Robert Treskillard's Website and Robert's Blog to learn more about this fascinating series and its author.

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