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The Search ~ Book Blast with Giveaway

The Search
by Titia Ellis

About the Author:
Born in New York City, Titia Ellis was adopted and then raised outside of
Chicago. Trained as a psychologist, she maintained a family therapy practice for
many years. Titia and her husband, Bill, founded the All One Family Fund in 2008
to help children at risk. They live in Vermont and delight in visits with their three
children and nine grandchildren.

Book Spotlight:

Title: The Search
Author: Titia Ellis
Publisher: iUniverse
Genre: Relationship/Parenting
Pages: 232

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“A compelling story of an adopted woman’s search for her truth and a mother
lost, found, and lost again. The Search is a poignant memoir of the reality of an
adoptee’s life. I couldn’t put it down.”

Titia Ellis remembers the exact moment her life changed forever. Her mother, still
in her dressing gown, sat in the chair opposite five-year-old Titia and her older
sister, twisting a handkerchief between her hands, while her father paced the floor
behind her. Titia’s stomach rolled over as her mother announced, “Daddy and I
want to tell you something important about when you were born.”

As soon as she learns the story of her birth parents’ untimely deaths and her
subsequent adoption, Titia realizes that her adoption is to be kept a secret—never
to be discussed again out of fear of upsetting her mother. Wanting to be loved and
to fit in, she obeys her parents’ wishes—until a mid-life crisis shatters her illusion
of being the perfect daughter, wife, and mother. As Titia chronicles her poignant
journey to find her birth mother, she details how she jeopardizes her relationship
with her adoptive parents and threatens the privacy of unsuspecting strangers—all
without any guarantee of a happy outcome.

When Titia embarks on her quest to find her birth family, she immerses herself
deep into her past, not knowing that what she discovers in the end will transform
her entire life.

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