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The Alchemist Agenda ~ Review

The Alchemist Agenda
By Marty Weiss

When an expedition to find a Spanish ship finds a Nazi sub that was never documented a series of events is set into motion that could forever alter the balance of power on a global scale.  At the end of WWII a escape plan was put into motion that would allow the Nazi hierarchy to survive.  Eight subs were launched to the far corners of the world carrying a secret that would allow the Nazi's to control the world through wealth and the ultimate knowledge - alchemy!  But something kept this knowledge hidden away for decades until Charlie Rocklin and Gold Diggers Exploration unearthed this hidden treasure of the sea.

But someone is determined to keep Charlie from revealing what he has found and they will go to any lengths to silence him and Gold Diggers Exploration forever...

When a beautiful and mysterious woman contacts Charlie about his find and warns him that he will need her help he is skeptical until someone comes after him with an intent to forever silence him.  All too soon Charlie and Ariel Ellis are combing Europe for the key to unlock the past and hopefully their future.

The Alchemist Agenda is a fast-paced attention-grabbing reading experience.  When the past is discovered a potential international incident brings out the CIA, secret societies, professional assassins, family secrets, and the blackness of the human heart.  With danger lurking behind every corner Charlie's 40th birthday may be his last.  I can definitely see this as a potential book-turned-big-screen-production with all the edge of your seat action that takes place. 

I was provided a copy of this book through Pump Up Your Book and the author in exchange for my review. 

About The Alchemist Agenda
When Charlie Rocklin and his company Gold Diggers Exploration set out to recover a 17th century shipwreck, they discover an undocumented Nazi submarine with enigmatic symbols. Ariel Ellis, a femme fatale historian with a mysterious past, proves that the U-boat contains the key to a formula more valuable than any sunken treasure, and more deadly than any weapon that has ever existed. In this globetrotting international adventure, Charlie and Ariel uncover an accelerating tempest of secrecy, lies, and agendas, fighting not only for the truth, but for their lives. Weiss’s debut novel is a lightning-paced story with surprises at every turn, and shows us that our personal legends may be more real than we ever could have imagined.

About Marty Weiss
Marty Weiss was born and raised in Chicago and decided that he wanted to make movies after spending a summer working on the set of John Hughes’ movie “Sixteen Candles.” After earning a B.S. in Journalism from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, and an M.F.A. in film and television from New York University, he directed national and international TV commercials for major Blue Chip brands as well as TV movies. He helmed his first feature film, “Vampires: The Turning,” for Sony/Screen Gems Entertainment – an action/horror movie that evolved out of John Carpenter’s “Vampires.” It was filmed in Chiang Mai, Thailand and released worldwide in 2005. Weiss has filmed throughout North and South America, Eastern and Western Europe, and Southeast Asia, and has garnered numerous industry awards. His screen adaption of his debut novel, “The Alchemist Agenda,” was the honored with the Best Screenplay award from Amazon Studios and is currently on their development slate for production. Weiss lives in Los Angeles with his wife Elisabeth and children Jasmine and Jake.

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