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Redeeming Grace ~ Review

Redeeming Grace 
By Ward Tanneberg

Redeeming Grace by Ward Tanneberg is an exciting and suspenseful thriller.  It has politics, murder, mystery, kidnappings, and a woman hiding from her past.

Without giving too much away and detracting from your reading experience I'll give a short synopsis. Taylor Carroll is a woman running from what her life could/should have been.  One wrong decision changed the course of her life and she is on the run because of something she saw.  And the something she saw was murder! Hiding her true identity and allowing those nearest and dearest to her heart to believe she died, she became Taylor to protect them all.

But with what Taylor knows she is being hunted.  Her knowledge could topple powerful men from what they seek - more power.  With the passage of seven years Taylor thinks she is finally safe and she opens her heart to what could be.  But her past has caught up to her and those who have found a home in her heart are now in as much danger as she is.

Redeeming Grace is a story of redemption and second chances wrapped up in a political scandal.  If you like thrillers, don't miss out on Redeeming Grace: Spring is Scandal Season in the White House!  Readers who like Randy Singer's style should enjoy this title even though it is not centered around a lawyer.

My only problem with this book was my computer needed to get repaired after an encounter with my not-so-miniature dachshund! :D  Which wasn't the book's fault!

I was provided a digital copy of this book from and Ward Tanneberg in exchange for my honest review.