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Tomes of Taria: Kaylen's Rising ~ Virtual Tour with Giveaway

Tomes of Taria: Kaylen's Rising
by Yves Robichard

Kaylen has dreamed about magic and casting spells, but for some reason he can't fathom his parents won't let him learn.  But this isn't the only thing that makes him stand out in the Cave Elf community of Caverna - his father was abnormally tall with l-o-n-g ears and his parents were the only ones who operated a flower/plant/seed/garden supply shop in the city.

But when some children throw a fireball at Kaylen and destroy the flower bed he has been working on, he questions his parents about his isolation.  To Kaylen's surprise his parents allow him to start going to school the next day but he is forbidden to use magic or bring weapons into their home nor is he to discuss what he has learned about them.  For the first time in his life Kaylen will step foot off his family's property!

But Kaylen learns that there is a threat to the Cave Elves from above a race known as humans has attacked them 10 years ago after having driven the elves into the caves of Taria hundreds of years before.  This race had destroyed the peace that had been Taria.

But Kaylen's parents are determined that he won't learn magic, so they requested special training for him - music!  Professor Lannor agrees to train Kaylen secretly in magic instead of music.  When Kaylen seems unable to form the simplest spell, Lannor makes a connection with Kaylen's green eyes that is about to change his life forever!

As battle with the humans looms Kaylen will be faced with a choice - does he embrace the violence of his new life or does he cling to the rearing of his younger years?  Can an outcast become a hero?  Only time will time if they have enough left for Kaylen to discover for himself who he is suppose to be!

The advice that Kaylen's father gives him Remember that respect, compassion, and peace are the key to happiness - not violence would be a piece of advice we would all do well to heed.  I believe that this is a book that would be well liked by both Middle Grade and YA readers.  This is a Fantasy world that won't bombard you with violence even though it deals with a war which is a plus in my opinion.

I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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Tomes of Taria: Kaylen's Rising

Kaylen Amdir has been living in the dark for fourteen years - in every sense. His people are hunted on the surface world, so they must struggle to survive within underground caves. His community hates his family but no one will say why. Unlike most teens, his parents keep him housebound, and forbid him from wielding weapons or learning magic. But when his parents finally change their mind and send him to school, Kaylen is suddenly exposed to the harsh truth. He has much to learn and understand all at once - including a mysterious magical ability.

With the threat of war with the surface-dwellers ever present, Kaylen will need to make new friends, and to stay true to himself if he is to survive what is to come...while something frightening stirs inside him.


Yves Robichaud is originally from the small Acadian community of Grand-Barachois, New Brunswick, Canada. He has studied Business Administration and Information Technology, currently works for the federal government, and is the proud father of one son: Jeremy. Inspired by a love of fantastical, magical tales, Kaylen’s Rising is Yves’ first attempt to share this literary passion with his son and the rest of the world.
You can view his website at
His latest book is the Middle Grade Fantasy, Tomes of Taria: Kaylen’s Rising.