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The Fairest Beauty ~ Review

The Fairest Beauty
By Melanie Dickerson

Hidden away by lies, deceptions and a jealous step-mother, Sophie lives as a scullery maid in the very castle she should be mistress of.  Presumed dead since she was 2 years of age the truth of who Sophie is has been hidden away from everyone.  But two servants within the castle's walls know the truth!

Pinnosa is traveling to Hagenheim Castle and Duke Wilhelm hoping that she can live long enough to save Sophie from the death that Duchess Ermengard is planning for her.  With her last breath she is able to tell Duke Wilhelm and his youngest son Gabe about Sophie and her danger.

Years ago Sophie was betrothed to Valten, Duke Wilhelm's oldest son.  But Valten is unable to rescue the young woman who is to become his bride as he has broken his leg and unable to even walk at present.

Gabe, is headstrong and unwilling to wait until Valten is healed, as he has a feeling that makes him determined to discover the truth about Sophie and rescue her.

Duchess Ermengard enraged that Sophie has taken food to Roslind in the dungeon and has saved 5 puppies that she had ordered drowned has the young scullery maid thrown into the dungeon.  While Sophie sits in the dungeon, her step-mother orders her huntsman Lorencz to befriend and then kill Sophie when she is released.

When Gabe discovers the young woman who is Sophie he is further drawn to her and wants to protect her. When Gabe makes a mistake Ermangard is enraged and his life as well as Sophie's are in even greater danger.  As Gabe makes his escape to rescue Sophie, the words of kindly Petra ring in his ear, Ask for Dominyk the Wise and to take refuge at the Cottage of the Seven.

When Gabe locates Sophie they head north towards Hagenheim Castle. But less than a day into their seven day journey they are being pursued by Ermangard's archers.  Though he is determined to bring Sophie home to his brother, Gabe's heart betrays him when Sophie begins to touch his heart in ways he never though she could.  But does Sophie feel the same or is she pleased with her betrothal to his brother?  And if she does have feelings for him, how can they break two betrothals and not incur the king's wrath? 

When an arrow finds a mark can the two of them make their way to the safety promised at the Cottage of the Seven?  Or will Ermengard destroy them both before the truth of who Sophie is be made known?  

The Fairest Beauty is a thoroughly delightful retelling of Snow White that is Biblical based.  Melanie Dickerson has created another beautiful story that you want to read again and again!

I was provided a digital loan of this title by the publisher for the purpose of this review.  All opinions expressed are my own.