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Rock Harbor Search and Rescue ~ Blog Tour

Rock Harbor
Search and Rescue
By Colleen Coble and Robin Caroll

Rock Harbor is the destination of tourists and surfers and it is Emily O'Reilly's home.  But when a valuable necklace is stolen at the Annual Fall Festival and it is replaced with a copy that Emily made Rock Harbor doesn't seem too friendly anymore.

Suspicion places its eyes firmly on Emily and hardly anyone believes her, including her own father!  To make matters worse, her father insists that the money Emily earned at the festival be given to Mary Dancer!  How can this be happening?  The money she had earned towards the purchase of her Search and Rescue puppy was now gone.

Everyone at school is whispering and pointing fingers at her and her former friend Rachel Zinn outright accuses her of planning the theft and Gretchen Siller backs-up Rachel's story.  With the support and help of her best friend Olivia, her younger brother Timmy, and his best friend Dave, Emily is determined to clear her name and solve the case.

Every lead they come up with proves useless.  Why would anyone steal a necklace valued at $1000.00?  Who could be that desperate and why replace it with the copy Emily had made?  If they can come up with the answers to these questions they can solve the case and get back the money Emily had earned for her puppy before it is too late!

Rock Harbor Search and Rescue is an exciting page-turned that both pre-teens and young teens should love as they try to solve the case along with Emily and Olivia.  Share in the excitement as Emily goes on search and rescue with her step-mother Naomi.  And feel her pain at her father's lack of trust.  This is definitely a book that you won't want to put down until you get to the end.

There are also little things that happen throughout the book that will you looking forward to the next one.  Like what's going to happen with Emily and Timmy's mom?  Will she cause problems?  Can she help Brandon overcome his belief in the Windigo? (If you want to learn more about this Algonquian belief check-out this link for Windigo.)

Have you ever had someone not believe you?  Someone like a parent, grandparent, or a teacher?  No matter what you said you just couldn't get them to realize that you had told them the truth?  And even worse you had never given them cause in the past to doubt you now?  If so you will feel Emily's pain at her father's lack of trust.  And if you were punished for this thing you didn't do you will totally sympathize with Emily when her father takes away her chance at getting her search and rescue puppy.

I received an advanced reader's copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of this Team Novel Teen blog tour.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Rock Harbor Search and Rescue blurb:
In Rock Harbor Search and Rescue, a middle grade fiction novel based on Colleen Coble’s bestselling Rock Harbor series for adults, kids will enjoy the mixture of pets, adventure, suspense, and a mystery. 
Emily O’Reilly is obsessed with all things Search and Rescue. She volunteers with the team and goes on rescue missions with her step-mom.  She is even selling homemade jewelry to save up for her own Search and Rescue puppy. But when an expensive necklace is stolen from a renowned jewelry artist at Rock Harbor’s fall festival and Emily is accused of the crime, it looks like she’ll never get her puppy and be able to join the Rock Harbor Search and Rescue team. 
Emily isn’t willing to give up on her Search and Rescue dreams that easily, and she sets out to find the real culprit and to restore her reputation. With a few suspects in mind, Emily is determined to uncover the truth, but she isn’t prepared for the secrets she and the Search and Rescue dogs sniff out in the process. This exciting mystery is filled with twists and turns that will keep readers on the edge of their seats and have them pining after a Search and Rescue puppy of their own!

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