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When Donkeys Talk ~ Review

When Donkeys Talk
By Tyler Blanski

Have you wondered why donkeys don't talk and miracles are a thing of the past?  Maybe donkeys still talk but unlike Balaam, who couldn't see what was before him, our ears are closed to God and His word to us.

We have thrown God out and replaced Him with science, what was once theory we now embrace as fact and the all governing law of the universe.  We have shoved God into a small box of Sunday entertainment, not realizing that we, ourselves, have in fact crawled into the box and pulled it shut behind us.  We live in doubt of God's abilities and instead trust in our abilities because we have divorced God from science and science has become our religion of discovery and our exultation of self.  We no longer seek after the Glory of God but rather we are on a quest for possessions and accolades.  We have become the wolves in sheep's clothing - secularists parading as Christians with hearts hardened against God.  We've turned Church into a big business selling soul-insurance.

We've removed the wonder and the supernatural from the world around us, thus limiting our understanding of God's creation to facts and laws that are without personality.  Creation is the embodiment of God's words and His voice has given speech to donkeys, won't you open your eyes and ears and receive the wonder of God into your heart?  We need to turn from the revolution of materialistic individualism and return to the renaissance of wonder and awe of God.  We must forsake the worship of me, myself, and I and return to our first love and enter into the eternal body of Jesus and HIS Church.

To truly have an intimate relationship with our Lord and Savior we must die by a Baptism of water and die to self.  To hear donkeys talk we must return to the innocence of childlike wonder of the world around us.  We must open our hearts and minds to belief in a Savior who created us and the world around us and then placed Himself into His creation on our level and died for us.

When Donkeys Talk is a book I'd highly recommend to any and all believers who want to recapture the belief of the first believers.  This book takes an honest look at where we've gone wrong and helps steer us back on the path to true joyous awe-filled worship.  This is not a book that you just breeze through, it makes you stop and really think.

The publisher has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book through BookSneeze.