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Forlorn Hope: The Storming of Badajoz ~ Virtual Tour

Forlorn Hope: The Storming of Badajoz
By James Mace
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In the spring of 1812, Earl of Wellington and the British army has driven the French from Portugal. With Napoleon distracted by the invasion of Russia, Wellington uses this distraction to turn his attention toward Spain. But the path is barred by two fortresses, Ciudad Rodrigo and Badajoz.

Wellington must seize Badajoz if he is to finish his drive to Spain, but time is running out as the French army under Marshal Soult is en route to relieve Badajoz.  The British must act now before all is lost.

Lieutenant James Webster in mourning for his wife volunteers to lead the Forlorn Hope entering and capturing the breach into Badajoz.  Seconding him is Sergeant Thomas Davis, 5th Battalion, 60th Regiment who is dying from an illness.  With nothing to lose these men are determined to give their lives for the cause.  

Wellington, nicknamed Old Nosey, has taken the very dregs of society, and turned them into a highly-skilled and iron-disciplined fighting force.  And fight they will as they storm Badajoz.  As the time for the attack draws near Lieutenant Webster begins to question his impulsive decision to volunteer for certain death before even seeing his newborn daughter Amy.  

Under the cover of darkness the Forlorn Hope made their move.  The ensuing battle brings about the slaughter of hundreds and the temporary madness of many of the survivors who committed outrages on the non-militant who were within Badajoz.  James Webster was wounded during the storming and lived, though the complications required that he be sent back to England and to his daughter. 

The savagery and hopelessness of war is fully portrayed in Forlorn Hope: The Storming of Badajoz. This book would be an excellent supplement to a High School history class.  At 122 pages it is not too long to extend past the attention span of most students or to take longer than the chapter or two devoted to this historical period in the average history book.  It is also an worthy introduction into I Stood with Wellington as one has become acquainted with various characters in this novella.

I was provided a digital copy of this book by the author for the purpose of this review.

About the Author:
James Mace.jpgJames Mace was born in Edmonds, Washington, and grew up in Meridian, Idaho. He joined the U.S. Air Force out of high school, and three years later changed over to the U.S. Army. He spent a career as a soldier, including service in the Iraq War.
In 2011, he left his full-time position with Army Guard and devoted himself completely to writing. His series, "Soldier of Rome - The Artorian Chronicles", has been a perennial best-seller in ancient history on Amazon. In 2012 he branched into the Napoleonic Era with the short novella, "Forlorn Hope: The Storming of Badajoz". This was soon followed by the full-length novel, "I Stood With Wellington".
He also co-wrote the critically acclaimed screenplay, The Evil That Men Do.
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About the Book:

Forlorn Hope
In the spring of 1812, the British army under Sir Arthur Wellesley, Earl of Wellington, has driven the French from Portugal. With Napoleon obsessed by the invasion of Russia, Wellington turns toward Spain. The way is barred by two fortresses, Ciudad Rodrigo and Badajoz. When Ciudad Rodrigo collapses after a short siege, Wellington prepares to break the fortress of Badajoz, the most formidable stronghold in Europe.
Lieutenant James Webster is in mourning following the loss of his wife, and he volunteers to command the small group that will lead the assault. Second in command is Sergeant Thomas Davis; recently diagnosed with a fatal illness, he prefers a valiant death in battle. Breaches have been blown into the walls of the southern bastions, Trinidad and Santa Maria, and here Wellington will unleash the 4th and Light Divisions, while launching diversionary assaults on the northern San Vincente bastion, as well as the Badajoz castle. Together with one hundred volunteers, the Forlorn Hope, Webster and Davis will storm the breach.