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The Orphan King/Fortress of Mist ~ CSFF February Blog Tour Day 3

Fortress of Mist
Merlin's Immortals Book 2
By Sigmund Brouwer

Thomas of Magnus has reclaimed his kingdom, but he feels isolated and lonely.  Sarah is dead, William has left, and Katherine has disappeared.

But when Isabelle comes to him during the night, he is confused because he saw her die after being clubbed by Geoffrey.  But Isabelle refuses to answer Thomas's questions until he pledges his allegiance to  the symbol.  But Thomas is unwilling to blindly pledge his allegiance to the unknown or to give up what has been left to his care.

All too soon the Earl of York comes to Magnus and Thomas is again tested.  Thomas agrees to ally himself with the Earl in battle against the Scots.  But treachery follows Thomas as secret forces of opposition try to sway him to their side.  But all Thomas knows is that those of the symbol are after his knowledge - the books left to his care and hidden away from Magnus.

Following Thomas' suggestions the forces under the Earl prevail against the larger Scot army.  But treachery awaits Thomas' return as the Druids try to force his hand or bring about his death at the hands of the Earl of York.  Following the instructions of a message Thomas is able to persuade his accusers of his  innocence.

But who can Thomas trust as those around him try to manipulate him to their ends?  With no one willing to answer his questions Thomas must rely on the teachings he received as a child from Sarah.  Can no one fill the need in Thomas' life?

I found Katherine's struggles to be an intriguing part of the story.  She has her alligences, but she wants to help Thomas.  I'll be interested to see how her story develops in book 3.

I found Fortress of Mist to be an excellent sequel to The Orphan King and would highly recommend it.  I received this book on the 19th the day it was released so I had to do some speed reading after I got home from work.  To complicate this the new Celtic Thunder DVD Mythology was also released on the 19th so of course I had to listen to that as I read.  Celtic music while reading about Druids in England is somewhat appropriate if I do say so myself and made for an enjoyable if long evening.

If anyone has heard of the One Community, One Book program I have a suggestion to make this a family activity.  For your One Family, Two Books event have teens and adults read The Orphan King and Fortress of Mist  and middle grade readers read Wings of an Angel and Barbarians from the Isle.  You'll be able to read the same books in an age / length appropriate manner and you'll have fun sharing these books by Sigmund Brouwer!

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