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God Gave us Easter ~ Review

God Gave Us Easter
by Lisa Tawn Bergren
art by Laura J. Bryant

God Gave Us Easter is a delightful look at what the meaning behind Easter really is.  Papa Bear tells Little Cub that Easter is better than Christmas because Easter is celebrated in remembrance of getting to be with Jesus forever!

Papa Bear then goes on to explain that Easter is part of an even bigger story.  A story about Jesus not being trapped by death.  A story that started long before Jesus was born.

The story we must take from Easter is that, as Papa Bear so aptly put it, "Out of death, comes life."  We must let go of the smaller things of life so that we can have something greater - Heaven with God.

When Little Cub asks why Papa Bear tells her it was because people wouldn't listen to God anymore.  God had to punish us for breaking our promise to God.   But Jesus allowed God forgive us for making bad choices if we believe in Him.  Easter is a celebration of forgiveness and being able to talk to God with our hearts.

If you can listen with your heart as Little Cub did you too will hear God tell you "I love you."

God Gave Us Easter would make an excellent bedtime reading or even a good lead in to a family devotion time about Easter.  The artwork adds to the charm of this delightful, meaningful book.  Would be a perfect gift for any family with young children.

I received this book for free from the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.